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Here are some other Pokemon collecting sites you might enjoy! If you'd like to link me on your site, send me an email at happyjolteon at gmail dot com.

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Why do I collect Dialga?

I've been collecting Pokemon since I started playing the game in 1999, different Pokemon over the years as my favorites changed - first Abra, then Meowth for a long time, then Jolteon for a long time after that. When I started collecting really hardcore at LiveJournal's pkmncollectors, I started to get discouraged about how little Jolteon stuff there was to get, and how quickly those few things were snatched up by other people. I wasn't that attached to Dialga at the time but I thought it would be fun to collect - lots of stuff and not very popular. But I've grown much more attached to it as I've collected it, and now he's surpassed Jolteon as my top favorite Pokemon. (If you're interested in seeing my Jolteon collection, check the Jolteon page!)

I love looking back at this: Here's my collection when I first started collecting Dialga and had bought a few small things on eBay, in addition to things I'd have bought anyway:

Collection as of 9/30/07

(This is actually minus the special DS, but other than that, this is all I had at the time.) A few months later it outgrew the table, then a shelf, then two shelves, and now I have a hard time getting everything visible in one picture.

Who are you?

I'm an adult collector living in the US, enjoying Pokemon and teaching myself computer programming. I've always been drawn to collecting; I collected cats when I was little, and helped with my parent's antiquing business when I was growing up. Collecting is in my blood ;)

If you have questions or comments about the site, or Dialga stuff you know about that I don't, you can email me at happyjolteon at gmail.com (with the @ put in if you're not a spammer).

What's pkmncollectors?

LiveJournal's pkmncollectors community. You probably aren't asking this if you came to this site from there, but it's a haven for people like me who enjoy collecting and sharing their collections with others (whether that means selling, trading, or just showing off).

Where did you get all that stuff?

A lot of the Sources listed for these items are Yahoo! Japan. Once I had exhausted eBay, pkmncollectors, and local retail stores for readily available goods, I bought most of the other stuff on Yahoo! Japan using a deputy service (Shopping Mall Japan). I'm not using SMJ anymore due to poor quality of service and fees I encountered, but that is how I got quite a lot of the stuff I have now. I now use a private deputy service primarily, but also back up with Noppin (formerly Crescent Shop).

Of course, I'm always still checking eBay, pkmncollectors, and those local stores for more Dialga things, as especially on pkmncollectors there are always new sales going on. I've also been to Japan a few times and picked up many additions for my collections there.

Where did you get that giant Suicune?

It's not a focus of the site, but since I've gotten several emails about it I'll add it here. After missing the opportunity to buy the plush on the US pokemoncenter.com website (which is now closed), I got it several years later after a heated bidwar on Yahoo Japan auctions. She seems to show up for sale about once every year or so, but usually goes for at least $500, so it's best to save up if you're looking for one!

Are you selling anything?

The Dialga items are not for sale; the Jolteon items may go up for sale eventually. I do sometimes get extras of a few Dialga items, so feel free to email me and ask, but please don't be upset if I only have one and won't be selling it. I've already sold much of my non-Dialga, non-Jolteon collection and have left it here for reference, but I may still have some items left.

Do you collect anything with Dialga?

Not exactly. There's a lot of stuff out there that has Dialga and Palkia (or Dialga and Darkrai or Giratina) half and half. I can't really call these Dialga items, so I don't count them as part of the collection really, but if I happen to have them I may still include it here. If something comes with a bunch of Pokemon though, and I can take the Dialga and make it an individual item, I'm all for it.