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Although these could fit in the Flat Items section, Dialga now has quite a few of these cards, so I have moved them to their own page.

Last updated: November/18/2013

Japanese Cards
American Cards
Boxed Sets and Other Items

Japanese Releases:

My goal here is to get one of every Japanese card released. These are my focus since they have more unique cards than the American releases. I've listed these in rough order from newest to oldest.

Pokemon Trading Card: Dialga EX Full Art

Megalo Cannon (BW9) EX Full Art
ポケモンカードゲームBWメガロキャノン URディアルガ
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I'd been wanting Dialga to get a full art card for a long time, and wow, this card did not disappoint. When I first saw the TOHO scans I had trouble sleeping; then I won one on auction and had it shipped right to me, instead of building up a bunch of items to ship like I usually do. This card is amazing.

Pokemon Trading Card: Dialga EX

Megalo Cannon (BW9) EX
Source: Hobby Off (used goods store in Japan)

In addition to Dialga's full art card, there's also a regular EX card in the set with its own fantastic art!

Pokemon Trading Card: Shiny Dialga

色違い (Shiny) Dialga
Source: Yahoo! Japan

My first official shiny Dialga item! This is from a promo pack featuring 6 legendary Pokemon's shiny forms: the others are Palkia, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, and Deoxys.

Pokemon Trading Card: Sheena's Dialga SP

DPt4: 映画公開記念ランダムパック2009 (Movie Release Commemoration Random Pack 2009): Sheena's Dialga
Source: Viper_fox of Collectorviper

This is part of the special 12th movie card set featuring Pokemon with their trainers. Viper_fox managed to get a spare of this Dialga, and kindly traded it to me!

Pokemon Dialga Booster Promo

Booster Pack Promo
Source: Daiei (Shiki, Japan)

With the 11th movie new card set, came new booster packs. And with a purchase of a few of those packs, you could get a promo card! I chose this one, of course.

Pokemon Dialga Deck Promo

Dialga vs Giratina Theme Deck Promo

Source: Daiei (Shiki, Japan)

One of two promos in an 11th movie starter deck set, the other being a nifty origin form Giratina promo.

Pokemon Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky (DP6)- Pokemon Dialga

DP6 Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky (破空の激闘)

Source: viper_fox of pkmncollectors (also runs collectorviper)

Pokemon Dialga Movie Promo

11th Movie Card Set Promo
Source: Movie Theater Promotion (Ikebukuro, Japan)

It's hard to choose, but this is one of my favorite Dialga cards (and images in general). It fits neatly with the 11th movie itself, and the art is just really pretty ^_^

Pokemon Dialga Entry Pack Promo

Entry Pack Promo
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Another all-over foil that wasn't captured well by my scanner. A very nice looking card, though!

Pokemon Dialga Galactic Conquest Level X

ギンガの覇道 (Galaxy Conquest) - Dialga G Lv. X
Source: eBay

A beautiful card that came out poorly with my scanner. ^_^;

Pokemon Dialga Galactic Conquest Dialga

ギンガの覇道 (Galaxy Conquest) - Dialga G
Source: Yahoo! Japan

The base card that goes under Dialga G Lv X.~

Pokemon Dialga from (JP)

DP3 Shining Darkness (ひかる闇) Level X
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This is the regular Level X that was found in packs. The below has the same attacks, but different art and set number.

DP3 Shining Darkness (ひかる闇) Theme Deck Level X
Source: The blue Dialga theme deck below!

Pokemon Dialga (JP) Pokemon Dialga (JP)

DP3 Shining Darkness (ひかる闇) Theme Deck Cards

I believe these are also included with the Shining Darkness theme deck.

Pokemon DialgaDeck Promo

Player's Club Promo

This card was part of the Player's Club promotion, where you had to attend a weekly league and save up points (gained from attending and participating) to purchase cards. I just bought it, though~

Pokemon Dialga from Mewtwo Collection Pack Lv X(JP)

Mewtwo Collection Pack Promo

From a set of 12 cards, including a Mewtwo Lv. X. I managed to grab this one singly, though!

Pokemon Dialga Meiji Promo (JP)

Meji Promo (from chocolate packs)
Source: Hardrock-Pokemon

There are a great many cards distributed as Meiji chocolate promos. Here's Dialga's!

Pokemon Dialga McDonald's Promo

McDonald's Promo (Japanese)
Source: eBay

I was really surprised to find this promo from a Japanese McDonald's on eBay. More for the collection, though!

Pokemon Dialga Diamond Collection (JP)

Diamond Collection Set Promo
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This card is part of a Dialga-centric Diamond collection set. It matches the art on the US version of the Diamond and Pearl set.

American Cards

I'll usually pick these cards up if I see them for sale, but I'm not dead set on getting 100% completion of them.

Pokemon Dialga Jumbo TCG Card

Jumbo TCG Promo
Source: Target

From the Dialga Premium box set, comes a Jumbo version of the promo below. I know there are many out there, but this is my first jumbo TCG card, and it's beautiful!

Pokemon Dialga Premium Box Single (US) 

The smaller card that was included with the big premium box set.

Pokemon Trading Card: Call of Legends Dialga

Call of Legends (with reverse holo)

Interestingly, the Call of Legends set got a new Dialga card that wasn't in the Japanese set, with new art too!

Pokemon Trading Card: Call of Legends Shiny Dialga

Call of Legends (shiny!)

This card wasn't in the Japanese version of Call of Legends, but it seems that they decided to squeeze it into the American set.

Pokemon Dialga Lv X Promo

Dialga Lv. X Promo TCG Card
Source: Dialga Platinum Version Promo Tin (see Cases)

Dialga Lv. X Promo (Platinum Version)

From the Platinum version of the tin, which features Giratina and Shaymin on the other sides (rather than Palkia and Darkrai).

Pokemon Dialga Platinum 23/127

Platinum: Dialga 23/127

Another card from a Japanese promo set that was tossed in with Platinum!

Pokemon Platinum: Dialga G Pokemon Platinum: Dialga G Reverse Holo

Platinum: Dialga G (and Reverse Holo version)

The US versions of the Galaxy Conquest Dialga G. I don't have the Lv. X of this card in English yet, since it's still a bit expensive due to its use in tournaments. I'm content to wait until it's no longer viable there!

Pokemon World Championship Decks: Dialga G

World Championship Deck Cards: Dialga G and G Level X
Source: feraligroggles of pkmncollectors

These are from the special decks sold in stores modeled after the World Championship winning decks. They're not tournament legal (denoted by their different backings and silver borders), so for that you have to use the above cards!

Pokemon Dialga Platinum Holo

Platinum: Holo (6/127)

In the Japanese set, this was part of a promo pack, but here it's just thrown in with a regular set.

Pokemon Dialga Platinum HoloPokemon Dialga Platinum Reverse Holo

Platinum: Holo and Reverse Holo (5/127)

Pokemon Dialga Us Pack Promo

Platinum-stamped Reverse Holo

I'm unsure what the origin of this one is. It says Platinum, but the image is one used in the Great Encounters series...

Pokemon Dialga Majestic Dawn Holo CardPokemon Dialga Majestic Dawn Holo Card

Majestic Dawn: Holo and Reverse Holo (4/100)

Pokemon Dialga Supreme Victors Pack Promo

Supreme Victors Poster Pack Promo (DP Promo 49)

This one is from a small promotional pack sold in stores - not quite as exciting as the shiny card portfolio the Japanese version was included in and sold at the movie theater!

Pokemon Dialga Great Encounters Lv X Non-Promo

Great Encounters: Dialga Lv. X
Source: fernchu of pkmncollectors

Great Encounters Dialga

Great Encounters: Dialga
Source: Great Encounters Theme Deck

This is the version that came in the Great Encounters theme deck (shown below).

Pokemon Dialga Lv X Promo

Dialga Lv. X Promo TCG Card
Source: Dialga Promo Tin (see Cases)

From the early Diamond and Pearl collector tin. I like the "my claws, let me show you them" pose.

Pokemon Dialga Diamond and Pearl DP1 Holo

Diamond and Pearl (DP1)

From the first series of the D/P TCG. I pulled it myself while drafting this set!

Box Sets and Other Items

Pokemon Dialga TCG 'Dialga Special Box'

Dialga Special Box TCG Set
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I watched this boxed set get relisted many many times on Yahoo Auctions because I didn't realize quite what it was (and that it wasn't half Palkia). A closer look at the auction showed me that it was an interesting and unique item I should definitely have in my collection, so I went ahead and bought it!
The contents are: Dialga Level X Starter Deck (shown below and purchased separately), 2 booster packs of Shining Darkness, an official playmat, a paper card box (紙製, not really sure what that is), and a special Dialga and Palkia mini-pack. Although I'm a bit curious about the card box and mini-pack, I'm going to keep this 2007 collectible sealed in its packaging.

Pokemon Korean Dialga TCG Deck

Korean TCG Deck
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

I don't strive for every Dialga card in every language (I don't even have many of the English ones!) but a Korean deck featuring Dialga was too interesting for me to pass up. It's not often that I see Korean items on Yahoo Japan auctions, so Crunch and I went for this one and here it is! Although I've typed and read Dialga's name in Japanese countless times, I have no idea where to even begin with the Korean one.

Pokemon German Dialga Box TCG Set

German Dialga Box Set - Clash of Legends
Dialga-Box: Kampf der Legenden
Source: Boostep.com

Like the Korean deck above, this one caught my attention because it's a unique box set focused on Dialga, and there's no Japanese or English equivalent to it. (There is a US box that I think includes Dialga G Lv X, but it's part of a set with Palkia and so isn't Dialga-centric.) After contemplating it over the course of several eBay searches, I eventually bought one on a Finnish site that was a good bit cheaper.

Pokemon Dialga TCG Tins

TCG Promo Tins (Diamond and Pearl Collection and Platinum versions)
Source: Target

Two different and stylin' cases featuring Dialga! Both are American releases.

GE Deck

Great Encounters: Time Theme Deck
Source: Target

It's not all Dialga, but it came with the promo card and the coin, and features Dialga on the cover (and no one else), so why not?

Theme Deck (Japanese)

Dialga Japanese DP3 Theme Deck
Source: Pokemon Center (Yokohama, Japan)

Sure, I had the coin already, and the card in English, but the set is a neat item in itself (and so sparkly!)

Premium Box

Dialga Premium Box TCG Set
Source: Target

This card set includes a few special Dialga cards, but the set on its own is a nifty collectible too.

Pokemon TCG Booster Packs featuring Dialga (4)

Trading Card Booster Packs (DP, Platinum, Triumphant, and Plasma Blast)
Source: Gamer's Paradise, Target, and Toys R Us (all retail stores), eBay

These are the US booster packs that I know of that feature Dialga: Diamond and Pearl, Platinum, HS Triumphant, and BW Plasma Blast. Am I missing any others?

Pokemon TCG Japanese Booster Pack featuring Dialga

Trading Card Booster Pack (Japanese DP)
Source: Daiei (Japanese retail store)

Now that there are a whopping 4 US booster packs, I thought it was time to give this early DP Japanese pack a separate photo!

Pokemon Dialga Triumphant Box

HGSS Triumphant Booster Box
Source: Through caffwin of pkmncollectors

I'm not really sure where the line is with items like this. It's an official item, but it's just packaging meant to contain individually sold items (those shown just above). But, I thought it would be cool to get just one of Dialga's booster boxes, and this one has other Pokemon on the top and sides but Dialga by himself right on the front. I think I'll fill it up with something to give it support, and display other Dialga items on top of it.
I was talking about these boxes with caffwin, and she had a friend who had extras of these boxes from playing the TCG, so I was able to get it through the two of them. Thanks!