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DS Cases, card cases, purses, boxes...any other cases I find!

Last update: September/1/2013

DS Cases
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DS Cases:

Pokemon Dialga Black Cloth DS Cases

Black Zippered DS Cases
Source: Yahoo! Japan

The more rectangular one I have add for some time, and it shows up fairly often on Yahoo Japan. The one with the flap I'd not seen before and the picture was a bit small, so I asked the seller about it (to see if it was a custom modification of the other one), and they said they bought it in the Pokemon Center. That was enough for me, and after getting it I can see it's definitely a different item.
The image on these is a cool textured vinyl.

Pokemon Dialga Running DS Case

Blue Camo Pattern DS Case (Type 1)
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This is pretty similar to the below, and both show copyright of 2007 so I'd guess they were both released about the same time. Most of the things featuring Dialga in a running pose are from 2009 or later, as he got new art for the movie that year.

Pokemon Dialga Blue Camo DS Case

Blue Camo Pattern DS Case (Type 2)
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Not much to say about this one...it's a DS case with a pretty cool design!

Pokemon Dialga Silicone DS Lite Cover

Silicone DS Lite Cover
ニンテンドDS Liteシリコンカバー
Source: moguryuu of pkmncollectors

I had this one for a long time before adding it to the site, and I think I know why - it's hard to get a photo in this case without a reflection! Anyway, it's a nifty soft cover with two different Dialga designs on it (one in the center, and one in the background). Based on the packaging and what I've seen in stores, I suspect this was a Pokemon Center exclusive.

Dialga 'Smart Pouch' DS Lite Case

'Smart Pouch' DS Lite Case
Source: Toys R Us, Ikebukuro, Japan

This DS Lite case has a sort of camouflage design to it. I almost overlooked it in the store, but viper_fox pointed it out to me, and now I don't have to get it on Yahoo Japan (for much more expensive). Thanks much!

Silhouette DS Case

Silhouette DS Case
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I'm not really sure how to describe this one, but I thought the design on it was pretty striking.

Pokemon Dialga Plastic DS Case

Blue and Black DS Case
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Another Dialga DS case ;-)

Pokemon Dialga Plastic DS Case

Diamond Pattern DS Case
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I'd never seen this case before, so I was very happy to find one in excellent condition on YJ! The auction also included the "diamond pattern" game case shown below, but I'm not sure if they were originally a set or not.

Dialga Blue 10th Movie DS Case

10th Movie Dialga Pencil/DS Case
Source: Yahoo! Japan

A nifty zippered Dialga case. This was one of my very first Dialga DS cases, I have quite a few now!

Pokemon Dialga DS Case

Blue DS Case
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This one much more snugly fits a DS Lite.

Pokemon Dialga Plastic DS Cover

Hard Cover for DS Lite
ハードカバーDS Lite
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

A hard plastic cover for a DS Lite. I was pleased to find that these were still in stock by the time I got to Japan!

Pokemon Dialga Hard DS Cover

Hard Cover for DS Lite (black)
ハードカバーDS Lite
Source: eBay

A different design of the above case~

Dialga and Pokemon Diamond Hard Cover for DS Lite

Hard Cover for DS Lite (Pokemon Diamond Version)
ハードカバーDS Lite
Source: Yahoo! Japan

And a third version appears! I found the image for this one on Toys n Joys a while back, and just recently found a more reputable YJ seller with it.

Dialga Game Traveler (small,  normal, and DX)

Game Traveler (3 versions) and Deluxe Game Traveler (by R.D.S. Enterprises)
Source: jedi_amara of pkmncollectors, Target (US Retail), eBay

The small horizontal one in front here is the standard American version, but I've never seen the larger two for sale in stores here. Jedi_amara in Australia kindly picked those two up for me! The small vertical one was a more recent eBay find.

Pokemon Dialga Gold Outline DS Game Case

Gold Silhouette DS Game Case
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I don't know a lot of other Dialga collectors to discuss rare items with, so I usually figure that if I'm seeing an item on YJ for the first time in 2 years of searching, it's either new or very rare. This one I think is just rare, as it's dated 2006, and I've never seen one anywhere. Holds 4 DS games!

Pokemon Dialga Silver Outline DS Game Case

Silver "Diamond" DS Game Case
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This case is similar to the one above, and both are probably rare Pokemon Center items from 2006. However, this one has the diamond pattern that I like so much!
There is also a matching Palkia in this set.

DS Game Case

DS Game Case
DSソフトケース Source: PlayAsia.com

A small hard plastic game case to hold and protect a single DS game. I've got a couple of these!

Pokemon Dialga DS Game Case

DS Game Case (Gachapon Version)
DSソフトケース Source: Yahoo! Japan

This tiny case (barely bigger than a DS cartridge) holds quite a few games. I have hard enough of a time keeping track of my games when they're in bigger cases, so I haven't been using this.

TCG Related Items:

Dialga Wonderland Card Case

Pokemon Wonderland Original Card Case
Source: fizzycat of pkmncollectors

Pokemon Wonderland is a magazine for Pokemon fans (similar to Pokemon Fan) that has information on the toys, anime, and more. I don't know much about it, but it looks like this is a bonus item that came with issue #10 (around the release of Platinum and the Team Galaxy TCG set). Take a look at this blog post for more information about the issue and packaging.

Dialga Korean Mini Card Binder

Korean Mini Binder
Source: viper_fox of Collectorviper

This TCG binder/booklet is from a Korean TCG set that I split up with viper_fox. She wanted the cards, I wanted the other Dialga things, it all worked out!
Most of the items in the set were Dialga and Palkia (this binder has Palkia on the reverse side), but there is also a Dialga TCG coin from this set.

Dialga Burger King Card Case

Burger King Trading Card Case
Source: eBay

This is from an American Pokemon Promotion (in either late 2008 or early 2009, I can't remember which) at Burger King. I actually had this one for a while but had forgotten to add it on the site, and a kind visitor pointed it out to me. Thanks!

Pokemon Dialga TCG Deck Boxes (2)

Dialga TCG Deck Boxes
Source: Hardrock-Pokemon, eBay

These are plastic Japanese cases to keep your TCG deck in. I've opened the one on the left, but couldn't bear to take the Spear Pillar one out of its original packaging.
The backs of these are quite different, and you can see them here.

Ultra-Pro Diamond and Pearl (01) Series Mini-Binder 
Source: Toys R Us

One of the mini-binders featuring the art from the TCG packs that stores 4 cards per page. 

Ultra-Pro Triumphant Series Mini-Binder
Source: eBay

I was very pleased to see Dialga get a second binder like the above, with awesome new art! Like his other binders, this features the same art as on the booster packs.

Pokemon Dialga Promotional Card Sleeves

TCG Tournament Dialga Silhouette Card Sleeves
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Supposedly you had to win something (I don't know what) at some TCG tournament to win just 5 of these sleeves, which means you'd need to win 12 times to have enough for a full deck. Some sellers will try and sell you 5 sleeves at a time for what you'd hope to pay for a full deck, so be careful when buying sleeves from this series!

Dialga Great Encounters TCG Binder

Great Encounters Ultra-Pro Binder 
Source: eBay

I bought this on eBay thinking it just had different artwork than the small binder I have from DP1, but to my surprise (and happiness) it's a full size, not a miniature! Now I have Dialga binders in both sizes, yay!

Other Cases

Pokemon Dialga Coin Purses (8)

Vinyl Coin Purses
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo, Yahoo! Japan, and lineaalba, snowball21, and crunch385 of pkmncollectors

These seem to be of several different makes - the two square-ish flat ones in the middle are from the Pokemon Center (I bought them there myself), a few others look like they may be Banpresto UFO prizes, and the others I just don't know about.
I can never have too many of these. I use each one to store a different kind of Japanese coin when I go to Japan! (Just kidding.)

Dialga Metal Coin Purse

Metal Coin Purse
Source: Yahoo! Japan

A nifty metal coin purse with a zipper along the side. 

Dialga Pokemon Center Candy Jar

Pokemon Center Candy Jar
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Is this not the most beautiful candy jar you have ever seen? Who needs diamond-cut glass when you can have Dialga with diamonds! I am very pleased to have this as part of my 'Dialga with diamonds' sub-collection.
I suspect this is a rare Pokemon Center-exclusive item from around the time of the Diamond and Pearl launch, and the release of similar containers for Black and White has helped confirm this.

Dialga Pokemon Movie Sticker Box

Mini Sticker Box
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This little box may not look like much, but it's one I was after for a long time. From the information I have, I think it was only sold by mail order (through a form in the 10th movie promotional book) and in the movie theaters showing the 10th movie. (Every year, at least for the last several years, the movie theater has a section with Pokemon goods for sale in the lobby during the movie run.) I kept expecting this to show up in random toy lots, but it never did...and finally, I found a lot with several of these boxes, from a few different movies, and bought it out immediately. I now have one new in package, with even his 200 yen price sticker still attached!
I've heard of these being mistaken for bento boxes, but they are far too small to be used for that - they're approximately 1 1/2" on each side, and probably are too small to even hold Retsuden or Pan stickers.

Dialga Pokemon Center Plastic Case

Pokemon Center Case
Source: Mbok

I first spotted this case in a large lot. I couldn't tell much about it, other than that it was the Pokemon Center's "diamond" pattern that I'm so fond of. Unfortunately, the lot looked heavy and expensive, and the seller refused to sell the case separately. I didn't want to pay over $100 for just this case, as cool as it might be, so I watched the auction get relisted several times and waited for a price drop. Some time later, the case popped up by itself on Mbok for just 800 yen, and of course I nabbed it there. This was one time I was glad I waited!

Dialga Cylinder Keychain Container

Cylindrical Container Keychain
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

I'm not sure what this is intended for - it's much too small to hold food or drink. Maybe medicine? Anyway, it will rest unused in my collection for now!

Dialga Bento Box

Bento Box
Source: Yahoo! Japan

After getting outbid on a set of these that went quite high, I was able to snag a much more used set for far cheaper. There are some light scratches on it but I still think it's lovely!
This is part of a set with Giratina (larger) and Palkia (smaller).

Dialga Puchi Puchi Sticker Box

Puchi Puchi Sticker Box
Source: Floaroma Pokemart

This little box is meant to hold tiny Puchi Puchi stickers (as can be found on my Flat Items page). Usually I'd assemble an item like this, but it looks like it'd be so fragile assembled that I've left it as is.

Dialga Blue and Black Cloth Pouch

Cloth Drawstring Bag
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This could probably be used as a DS case, but it's a bit big and the cloth at the top is a little too thin. It's got a nice unique design, though!

Dialga Diamonds Drawstring Bag

Pokemon Center Drawstring Bag
Source: snowball21 of pkmncollectors

This bag is made very similar to the dice bag I have, but it's much bigger! It's got Palkia on the back, and I believe it's from an early DP (2006?) Pokemon Center promotion. I got pretty excited when I saw this among Snowball's items up for sale ^_^

Dialga Gachapon Sticker Book

Diamond and Pearl Card Collection - Part 1 Gachapon Book
Source: Yahoo! Japan

On my flats page, I describe how I got the little sticker from the gachapon machine on the first try, then thought I was done. It wasn't until months later I found out that the set not only has dozens of different stickers, but also 3 different booklets to store those in, one of which featured Dialga. Whoops! The booklet I'd received featured just the Sinnoh starter Pokemon, so I had to go and buy a set on Yahoo Auctions to get the Dialga book.

Dialga Buckets for Children's Clothing (2)

Clothing Buckets
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Although the clothes in here are way too small to fit an adult, I still like the metal bucket they came in (even enough to buy a second one of these expensive things!)
You can see some more pictures of the other sides here and here.

Dialga Meiji Candy Tin

Meiji Candy Tin
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

These tins originally contain Meiji fruit-flavored candies (フルーツドロップ, Fruit Drops), though this one has long been empty.
I actually had two of these tins well before I received this one, but one featured Dialga and Giratina (from the 11th movie) and the other featured Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina all together (from the 12th). I didn't realize there was a 10th movie version until Crunch found it for me and offered it in trade. Thanks very much!

Dialga Blue and Black Gachapon Pouches

Blue and Black Gachapon Pouches
Source: Yahoo! Japan

These pouches are two different gashapon sets. I originally thought they were supposed to be cell phone cases, but they're actually much bigger: they might hold a PDA or even (almost) a DS Lite.
The paint looks really neat and reflective on the black one.

Pokemon Dialga Dice Bag

Dice Bag
Source: ravestars85 of pkmncollectors

A cool bag featuring a very roaring Dialga!

Pokemon Dialga Yokohama Candy Tin

Candy Tin (Yokohama Version)
Source: Pokemon Center Yokohama

This tin is part of a set of 6 Yokohama Pokemon Center exclusives. It's about 2" wide and filled with small candies!

Pokemon Dialga Pokemon Center Candy Pouch

Candy Pouch 
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

A bag that you have to stuff with little candies. I tried to buy just the bag, but they insisted I fill it with candy to buy it! Regigigas is on the back.

Pokemon Dialga Medal Coin Holder Pouch

Medal Holder
メダル ホルダー
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

This little case holds a stamped penny (maybe more than one?) such as the Medialief Dialga on my flat items page. Why they made a case just for those is beyond me...maybe thosepennies are more popular in Japan?

Seal Set

Pocket Chip Seal Sticker Set

Source: Daiei (Shiki, Japan)...I think

I was going to buy this sticker set anyway for the Dialgas in there, but it wasn't until later I realized that the case itself had a Dialga on it. Nifty!

Pokemon Dialga 711 Lottery Purse

10th Movie Promotion Lottery Purse / Handbag
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This bag is much bigger than the DS cases, and could be used as a full purse. Mine just sits propped up on one of my Dialga shelves, though.