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Custom Items

Custom items refer to those I specifically commissioned an artist for, or works that an artist had already made that I purchased. Many of these had been lumped into a section at the bottom of my 'Other' page, but these are too unique and special to be hidden there, so I created a page just for them!

Note that this is only my Dialga customs - my Jolteon and other customs can be found on their respective pages.

Last updated: October/28/2013

Plush and Sculpture
Other Non-Flat Art
Flat Physical Art
Digital Art
Package Doodles and Sketches

Plush and Sculpture

Norkia/Flag Dialga Bell Plush

Bell Plush
Artist: norkia of pkmncollectors

Bell plush (鈴なり ポケモン) are an old Banpresto series that featured a few dozen Pokemon from the first generation. (I have the official Jolteon on my Jolteon page, and Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite on the Dragons page.) There were 3 different sets made, but Banpresto hasn't revived the series (yet). At pkmncollectors, we love our bell plush, but we love our newer Pokemon too, so some artists have made custom ones, and here is mine!
Dialga makes for a pretty unusual bell plush, because none of the official ones were on four legs - quadrapeds such as Jolteon are sitting up. I think he was quite a project, but I'm very pleased with the result!

PrincessPyro00 Dialga plush

Canvas Plush
Artist: PrincessPyro00 (DeviantArt)

This plush was commissioned from PrincessPyro00 to be like the Canvas Plush series - small and with softer colors than most plush. He's a bit big to really fit in with the other canvas plush, but hey, he's Dialga ;) This is my first plush or figure commission of Dialga!

Caffwin Chibi Dialga Sculpture

Artist: Caffwin of pkmncollectors

My first sculpture commission! It may seem a little silly to commission sculptures of a Pokemon that has over 100 official figures, but he doesn't have any in this kind of pose! This actually is mostly based on the art Caffwin also did for me, which can be found lower on this page.

Custom Painted Dialga Kids Figure

Shiny Kids Figure Repaint
Artist: fernchu of pkmncollectors

Only a dozen or so Pokemon from the 4th generation were selected for the official shiny Kids lineup, and unfortunately Dialga and Palkia were not featured. To make up for this, fernchu sent me this lovely custom painted one as part of a trade! Thank you!

Custom Dialga My Little Pony Figure

My Little Pony Custom Sculpture
Artist: chibisilverwings of pkmncollectors

Customized or modified My Little Ponies have probably been around almost as long as My Little Ponies themselves. I'd seen a few Pokemon modifications and thought Dialga would work well as one (some call him the time pony, after all), but I didn't know who to ask for one or how much it'd cost. A year or two later, chibisilverwings posted a few "Poke-ponies" on pkmncollectors, and she allowed me to commission this Dialga for a very reasonable price!

Dialga Tail Custom Charm by Usakochan

Tail Charm
Artist: usakochan of pkmncollectors

In addition to her large fancy plush, Usakochan also offers commissions sometimes for Pokemon tails (or claws, or flowers, etc). So I took the opportunity to get a Dialga tail! It's quite sturdily made, and stayed on my bag for my entire trip to Japan!

Miniature Dialga plush

Mini Pokedoll Keychain
Artist: ???

Ok, this is not actually a handmade one-of-a-kind item like the others on this page, but part of a series of unofficial DX Pokedolls and mini keychains sold on eBay recently. Unlike most bootlegs though, there isn't an official version of it (unless you count the big Pokedolls themselves) and it seems to be fairly well made, so I count it as a custom in my collection!

Dialga Custom Charm & Bookmark

Bookmark and Mini Charm Set
Artist: nightmare_chan2 and jirachi_chan6 of pkmncollectors

This is from a neat collaborative effort between two friends in pkmncollectors - one makes laminated bookmarks and the other makes sculpted charms, and they combine to form a useful bookmark! Here is the Dialga one I commissioned.

Other non-flat

Miss_fuu_chan Dialga Beadsprite

Battle Beadsprite
Artist: miss_fuu_chan of pkmncollectors

This huge (about 14"!) sprite is based on the Platinum battle sprite for Dialga. He was made for me by miss_fuu_chan of pkmncollectors, and came with a much smaller Jolteon sprite that I also commissioned!

Yoshito2007 Dialga Custom StampsYoshito2007 Dialga Custom Stamps Printout

Custom Rubber Stamps (with Jolteon!)
Artist: yoshito2007 on eBay

While checking the Dialga auctions on eBay one day, I found one of yoshito2007's auctions for the larger Dialga stamp here. I bid right away, but I also noticed that they'd mentioned in the auction that they could be contacted to have a custom stamp made. I contacted them right away and received a custom Dialga and Jolteon stamp!
To the right is an example of what both of them look like stamped.

drag0n_aura Dialga Custom Pin

Custom Pin
Artist: drag0n_aura of pkmncollectors

Drag0n_aura does a cute Pokedoll-esque style, and I chose to get a Dialga on a starry background!

Flat Artwork

Dialga ACEO by Shadowmoth

ACEO (Art trading card)
Artist: shadowmoth of pkmncollectors

I was impressed with the art on these when she posted them to pkmncollectors, and quite pleased with the Dialga (and Salamence) card I commissioned. The card is about the size of a Pokemon TCG card and has metallic paint for the steel grey parts!

Dialga ACEOs by Keymonster

ACEO (Art trading cards)
Artist: keymonster of pkmncollectors

Keymonster opens up art commissions from time to time, for both traditional and digital art. I asked for an ACEO, and received both a lovely and uniquely posed Dialga, and a freebie of Dialga with a little Jolteon!

Dialga ACEOs by itsallgonegrey

ACEO (Art trading cards)
Artist: itsallgonegrey of poke_arts

This artist put up commissions for ACEOs, so I took the chance to add another to my collection! I lucked out though and received full and colored versions of all 3 three samples provided!

Dialga ACEO by rocket_chick

Artist: rocket_chick of pkmncollectors

My second Dialga ACEO is from rocket_chick, in a classic Japanese style!

Dialga ACEO by Wutastic

Artist: wutastic of pkmncollectors

Another ACEO, this time done in marker! I requested Dialga with a starry sky.

Dialga ACEO by Aarux

Artist: aarux of pkmncollectors

I've commissioned a number of Dialga ACEOs now, so it might be hard to come up with a unique pose, but I think Aarux did a great job of it! Bonus points for featuring Primal Dialga, who I have very little merch or art of.

Dialga Rare Metal Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Custom Card

Artist: starvcustoms on eBay

This isn't exactly an ACEO, but it's similar! There seems to be a trend of customized Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and this one was hand-painted and put on eBay. It looked like the artist just liked the idea of turning a Yu-Gi-Oh "rare metal dragon" into a Pokemon one.

Dialga Mini Painting by Zenity

Artist: zenity of pkmncollectors

This painting comes on a cute little canvas, about 3" square! I asked for a dynamic spear pillar Dialga, and am quite pleased with how he came out!

Dialga Art by Xous

Artist: xous54 of pkmncollectors

I was really wowed by Xous's art when he posted some of his Arceus and dragon trio art, so when he posted to take commissions, I was quick to sign up for a Dialga with a spear pillar background. I'm very pleased with the result, and it was a good deal too!

Dialga Art by Xous

Artist: xous54 of pkmncollectors

Xous sent this along for free along with the above commission. Wow, what a freebie! O_O

Primal Dialga Postcard (artist unknown)

Artist: Unknown!

I was at my first doujinshi (fan-made comics/etc) event in Japan when I spotted this postcard. The art didn't totally wow me (though it looks nicer up close than I thought at a distance) but considering it was 2012, I thought it was probably the only Dialga item I'd find there, so I nabbed it as a souveneir.
If you know this artist or have a link to their website, please let me know! I only know that they gave out Pokeball shaped magnets as freebies with a purchase.

Dialga Gods Love Doujinshi

'Gods Love' Doujinshi
Artist: Toriakari (doujinshi circle?)

My first Pokemon doujinshi, or fan-made manga! The story focuses on how Dialga and Palkia just can't get along. Giratina, Azelf, Uxie, Mespirit, and a few human characters also make appearances.

Dialga Art by Caffwin

Artist: caffwin of pkmncollectors

This cute little card was a trade for some pan stickers. I think I got a good deal!

Shiny Dialga by Midnitesilven

Artist: midnitesilven of pkmncollectors

One of my first shiny Dialga items! I'm quite pleased with the style of this one.

Jolteon and Dialga by Lawlzy

Custom Art (with Jolteon!)
Artist: lawlzy of pkmncollectors

I made a sales post in pkmncollectors once, and Lawlzy drew this picture of my top two favorites and offered it in exchange for some items. I couldn't say no!

Dialga Painting by Callyfin

Artist: callyfin of pkmncollectors

My friend Cally put up a commission post for paintings like this one, and I signed up for a Jolteon. What I didn't know was that my boyfriend also contacted her privately and requested a Dialga and Suicune for me for Christmas! Here is the resulting Dialga ^_^


A bit of a trend in pkmncollectors, these are pieces of art that are (usually) hand drawn, cut out, and often but not always laminated. A hole and charm strap or keychain are sometimes added as well. I've decided to make a mini-collection of these for Dialga too!

Dialga Custom Cutouts by moguryuu of pkmncollectors

Pokedoll Cutouts
Artist: moguryuu of pkmncollectors

Irene draws Pokedoll art for many a Pokemon and laminates it to make these cute charms. The sitting Dialga is modified from an icon she also made me (located in the digital art section of this page), and the one with attitude was made just for the charms. I got both small and large versions, and if Dialga didn't already have an official Pokedoll with tags, I'd ask for a custom tag from her too!

Dialga Custom Pokemon Time Style Laminate by moguryuu of pkmncollectors

Pokemon Time Style Cutout
Artist: moguryuu of pkmncollectors

Another unique charm from moguryuu! Due to his size and legendary status, Dialga is pretty unlikely to get any official Pokemon Time items, so I commissioned this cute laminate mimicking that style. (I've got Jolteon and Deino to match too!)

Dialga Custom Cutout Laminate by moguryuu of pkmncollectors

Happy Dialga Cutout
Artist: moguryuu of pkmncollectors

I really love Irene's Pokedoll charms, so when she opened slots for less chibi laminates as well, I jumped on the chance to get another Dialga. He is so perfect that I may not commission any more other Dialga laminates, though I do have several already ordered that I'll be adding here anyway.

Dialga Custom Charm by Reilaa

Chibi Plastic Charm
Artist: reilaa of pkmncollectors

This one is a bit different from most of my other custom charms in that it's made of a sturdy plastic. I'm quite pleased with how it came out!

Dialga Custom Charm by Tomokii

Chibi Plastic Charm
Artist: tomokii of pkmncollectors

A cute laminated charm in a distinctive style, with a small bell attached!

Dialga Custom Charm by Mandyseley

Chibi Plastic Charm
Artist: mandyseley of pkmncollectors

Another plastic charm, though this one is made of a clear plastic. He seems to be missing his 'grill' marks though ^_^;

Chibi Badge

Custom Chibi-Badge 
Artist: lawlzy of pkmncollectors

I received this as part of a trade for some Pokemon items, and I think it was my first custom Dialga item. It's nearly invisible in the scan, but the badge is laminated with the a hole to hang it with. 

Dialga and Shiny Dialga Custom Cutouts by Keshi_kins

Artist: keshi_kins of pkmncollectors

These two items were received as part of a trade, and I'm quite pleased with them! I believe this is my first shiny Dialga item (out of over 400, too!)

Dialga Custom Laminated Cutout by silversnowcloak

Artist: silversnowcloak of pkmncollectors

Silversnowcloak posted offering commissions of these laminated cutouts in trade for items only, not for direct sale. I was quite lucky and had some items to offer, so in exchange I got this lovely custom piece!

Dialga Custom Laminated Cutout by Sorjei

Artist: sorjei of pkmncollectors

My friend sorjei made this Dialga for me! I like the unique pose on this one.

Dialga Custom Miniature Pokedoll Tag by nightmare_chan2

Artist: nightmare_chan2 of pkmncollectors

In addition to her bookmarks and other customs, nightmare_chan2 offers mini Pokedoll tag charms, much smaller than the real tags. I requested a Dialga with unique art!

Dialga Custom Laminated Cutout by meuniere

Artist: meuniere of pkmncollectors

Meuniere offered some commissions for digital art printed and made into keychains. I loved the style of it, and here's the resulting Dialga!

Dialga Custom Charm by Blackberrypie

Artist: blackberrypie of pkmncollectors

This one I actually did not commission, but got as a part of a trade I did with another Dialga fan, blackberrypie!

Dialga Custom Keychain by Captainangel

Artist: captainangel of pkmncollectors

Another laminated keychain set! I was a bit surprised how big this one was, but I like the unique pose.

Digital Art

Dialga custom art by moguryuu of pkmncollectors

Artist: moguryuu of pkmncollectors

Lovely art made by my friend moguryuu (aka Featherclaw). I love how she gave Dialga a more reptilian look here, and that the silver stripes are reflective, just like in the movies!

Dialga and Jolteon icon by moguryuu of pkmncollectors

Custom Pokedolls Icon
Artist: moguryuu of pkmncollectors

My friend offered these Pokedoll-style icons where she did her own take on Pokedoll-ifying the Pokemon, rather than basing it on the existing official Pokedolls. I love this one and it's my default icon now ^_^

Icon by Armaina

Icon Commission (Pixel Art)
Source: armaina of pkmncollectors

Another custom icon for my use on LiveJournal. Armaina made this very quickly, within a day of my ordering it!

Castform Icon (Jolteon and Dialga)

Icon Commission
Source: castform of pkmncollectors

A custom icon for use on LiveJournal, made by Castform.

Package art and doodles

Package art is somewhat of a pkmncollectors tradition, where people draw your favorite Pokemon on the packages they send out to you ^_^ I save pretty much all of the package art that I get, but most of it hasn't been scanned and isn't included here.

Dialga Aarux Package Doodle

From aarux of pkmncollectors! I'm still very behind on scanning these, but I'm trying to at least add them as I get them…

Dialga Aarux Package Doodle

Another one from aarux. Despite Dialga being hard to draw, they accepted an ACEO commission of him, which you can see on this page!

Sunyshore Package Art

From Sunyshore!

Time is Money!

From meowthcollector of pkmncollectors!