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After collecting Dialga for some time, I decided to branch out and collect all of the other Dragon Pokemon as well, to a much smaller extent. ^_^

Last update: November/24/2013

The items I'm after for each Dragon Pokemon are the following:

I've also started getting Moncolle+ (Monster Collection Plus) and My Pokemon Collection for all of the dragon types, but since most Pokemon don't have those they're not listed here.
Any other items I may hold on to for my collection if I get them as part of a set or lot, but I am not looking to buy any and everything of these Pokemon! Also, for Pokemon that have more than one of these, I only need one - I don't need every Kids figure made of Rayquaza, for example, but I may pick them up if I can do so easily.
Apologies in advance for the unclear pictures here - when I moved, I didn't think to take 'collection' photos before setting them all up, so for now I've just got the photos of them on my shelves. However, I'm expanding this page to include a separate page for each of these collections - so far, Salamence line and Axew line have pages made, and I will make the others as I get new items for them and retake the photos.
This idea was very much inspired by Gin of Sunyshore's electric-type collections, so if you enjoy looking here, you should definitely check out Sunyshore!

You can use the links below to jump to your favorite dragons, but you might want to wait for the page to load a little first if this is your first visit!

Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite
Vibrava and Flygon
Bagon, Shelgon, and Salamence
Latias and Latios
Gible, Gabite, and Garchomp
Dialga / Palkia / Giratina / (Draco Plate) Arceus
Axew, Fraxure, and Haxorus
Deino, Zweilous and Hydreigon
Zekrom / Reshiram
Kyurem / Black Kyurem / White Kyurem
Tyrunt and Tyrantrum
Goomy, Sliggoo, and Goodra
Noibat and Noivern
Mega Charizard X / Mega Ampharos

Pokemon Dratini Dragonair CollectionPokemon Dragonite Collection

Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite


I've finally managed to procure the 3 bell plush for this line, the only dragon types with official bell plush. These guys are fun to collect, if a bit too popular to make everything easy to get!

Pokemon Kingdra Collection



The only Dragon in the line, and so the only one I collect! Not much stuff exists for him, though. Poor guy!

Pokemon Vibrava and Flygon Collection

Vibrava and Flygon


These guys don't have Pokedolls either, so I'll use custom plush to fill in the gaps. I'm not collecting Trapinch since he isn't Dragon-type, but Vibrava is definitely included. Both custom plush are commissioned from Lonepichu!

Pokemon Altaria Collection



The singing bird that became a dragon! She's lucky enough to have two official plush, despite being somewhat of an obscure Pokemon. You go, Altaria!

Looking for: Just the Retsuden stamp!

Pokemon Bagon Shelgon Salamence Collection

Bagon, Shelgon, and Salamence


I collected Salamence a bit before I started this Dragons project. I love the big dragon in the games and started collecting him <3
Check out my separate page for these Pokemon here!

Pokemon Latias and Latios Collection

Latias and Latios


I don't collect these two very hard, but I'll pick up cute items if I see them, or pull them from lots I'm selling. ^_^ Although I haven't bought most of the items as pairs, they ended up mostly in matched sets anyway, which I think makes them a nifty collection.

Looking for: I'm after Latios's Retsuden stamp. At least I have one of them already though...

Pokemon Rayquaza Collection



A lot of Rayquaza plush (including this Pokedoll) have really weird mouths, but I like the figures more! This guy has been really easy to collect, as there are many figures of him that appear in figure lots I buy (usually while trying to get Dialga items).

Pokemon Gible Gabite Garchomp Collection

Gible, Gabite, and Garchomp


Even though Diamond and Pearl were released in 2006, it wasn't until 2013 that this line received its first official plush! Better late than never though, right? In the meantime, I commissioned several custom plush, and Gible and Gabite are still waiting for their first official ones.
In generation 6, Garchomp was lucky enough to receive a Mega evolution! Will that lead to any new toys for these guys? I sure hope so!

Toz's Pokemon Dialga Collection



See the rest of this site. ^_^ I think I have all variations of the key items for Dialga!

Pokemon Palkia Collection



Where there are Dialga, Palkia usually tag along, although not in the 11th movie featuring Giratina. There were many extra items in this collection for this reason, but I have sold off most of them since I don't really need as much of him as Dialga; that would be crazy!

Pokemon Giratina Collection (Another and Origin)



Since Origin Forme (as well as Another Forme) were all over Japan for the 11th movie, I thought I may as well at least pick up the 5 items I collect. There are a few extra items in here such as the DX Kid of Another Forme, and the 18" Tomy plush of Another Forme to match my Dialga and Palkia. I've also got an Origin Forme UFO that more or less matches my large Another Forme plush.

Pokemon Draco Plate Arceus Collection

Draco Plate Arceus


Although Arceus himself isn't a dragon type most of the time, he can be if he's using a Draco Plate! We thought that probably Arceus's formes wouldn't get much, since there are 18 of them and that's a lot of variations to make, but they were lucky enough to get UFO plush, zukan, Tomy Figures, keshipoke, and Chou Get! I would have preferred a Pokedoll, but I'm happy to have the UFO plush anyway!

Looking for: There are no Kids figures or pan stickers of the alternate formes. I could have a normal Arceus Kid painted Draco Plate colors, but what about the pan sticker? Maybe I will have to try and draw one!

Pokemon Axew Fraxure Haxorus Collection

Axew, Fraxure and Haxorus

キバゴ, オノンド, オノノクス

Axew got much more merchandise than the other two, being an anime star and all, but the other two still got some neat stuff! I'm still holding out hope that Haxorus will get a larger plush at some point.

Druddigon Pokemon Collection



This guy is the first of his kind, is that he's a dragon that neither has evolutions nor is legendary. He got a few unusual figures, but I'm very thankful to Banpresto for giving him a plush!

Deino, Zweilous, and Hydreigon Pokemon Collection

Deino, Zweilous, and Hydreigon

モノズ, ジヘッド, サザンドラ

Although of course I'm fond of all the dragons, I think these may be my favorite Pokemon of Generation 5.
Yes, I do still have the huge Hydreigon plush, but he doesn't fit in this photo!

Zekrom Pokemon Collection



Zekrom and Reshiram were the first dragon types introduced for Generation 5, and they were introduced on the Japanese and US sites at the same time! Anyway, Zekrom is our first Dragon/Electric type, bringing electricity to my dragon collection. Jolteon is glad to have company!

Reshiram Pokemon Collection



Reshiram is Zekrom's counterpart for Black version (with Zekrom appearing in White), and I just can't decide which of these guys I like better! I think that they balance each other nicely, in design contrast and not just color. I'm collecting both of these guys a bit more than just the 5 minimum items (as I did with Palkia and Giratina) but I'm trying to keep my collection even as with Latias and Latios.

Kyurem Pokemon Collection Figures and Plush



As I expected, my Kyurem collection grew quite a bit with the summer 2012 movie! It's pretty messy if I cram in his other formes too, so I've split them up into separate sections. I was really expecting more plush, but for now I'm happy with the MPC!

Black Kyurem Pokemon Collection

Black Kyurem


I got most of the key items I was after for Black Kyurem in summer 2012, but his Pokedoll came a bit later. Somehow he fared better for plush than regular Kyurem did!

White Kyurem Pokemon Collection

White Kyurem


I got most of the key items I was after for White Kyurem over the summer too! I believe these two collections are nicely matched, so I'm happy with them as they are.

Pokemon Dragalge sprite



If Kingdra is a dragony-looking seahorse, Dragalge is a true sea dragon! (If you've never seen one before, a sea dragon is related to a seahorse, but almost looks more like a clump of seaweed than an animal.)
In any case, he doesn't seem like he'll receive many toys, but whatever he does get will fit right in next to my Kingdras.

Pokemon Tyrunt sprite Pokemon Tyrantrum sprite

Tyrunt and Tyrantrum

チゴラス ガチゴラス

Wow, our first fossil dragons! These guys are just so cute. I'll have my fingers crossed that Tyrunt at least gets a few plush!

Pokemon Goomy sprite Pokemon Sliggoo sprite Pokemon Goodra sprite

Goomy, Sliggoo, and Goodra


When I first encountered Goomy in my game, I was very curious about it. I thought maybe it was a new water type, like Shellos. Imagine my surprise when I caught it and saw that it was a dragon!
My first impression of these guys was simply that they were cute, but I've grown a bit more attached to them after raising one in my game. I can't wait to see what X Y will have in store for them!

Pokemon Noibat sprite Pokemon Noivern sprite

Noibat and Noivern

オンバット オンバーン

I've got a story about Noivern. During the summer before X and Y came out, I was staying with a friend of mine, and we were thinking about what kind of Pokemon we'd like to see. I considered the dragon types that we had so far, and what other types of dragons there were outside Pokemon, and (probably also thanks to watching lots of Lord of the Rings), noted that we didn't really have a wyvern Pokemon yet. I thought they'd make a neat addition to our dragon lineup, so I started hoping for a dragon-type wyvern Pokemon. It was a few weeks later that we got a new preview video from the Pokemon Company, and one of the Pokemon featured looked somewhat batlike, but the video was blurry, so we couldn't tell much about that particular Pokemon. Looking around, I discovered that his information had already been listed on the US official site, and found that not only was he a dragon type, but his name was Noivern - so clearly a wyvern that it's even part of his name!
In the time that followed, I grew more and more excited about Noivern. The wait for X/Y's release became the wait to have a Noivern of my very own. Fortunately for me, he's lucky enough to have been granted an early appearance in the anime, as well as some early merchandise.
And what about little Noibat? Well, I suspected that Noivern might be an evolved Pokemon, but I didn't know if he'd be like Altaria and have a non-dragon base form. Having grown so attached to Noivern, I was sure I'd love (and want to collect) his prior form whether it was officially a dragon or not. Sure enough, he is!
In any case, I intend to collect these two fairly hardcore, probably about the same level to which I collect Salamence: all plush, figures, and other toys, but probably not all flats and stickers. That may change later down the road, though!

Pokemon Zygarde sprite



I've tried to avoid spoilers for X/Y beyond what I encounter in my own game, and as a result, it was over a month after the release of the game that I learned we had a new legendary dragon type! I don't know much about him (her?) yet, but I'm sure we'll see a lot more of this one in a few years when the movie comes out!

Pokemon Mega Charizard X sprite

Mega Charizard X


Charizard has had kind of an odd relationship with dragon-types over the years. Though his typing has always been Fire/Flying, he looks pretty dragon-like and is often included in artwork and promotions that otherwise feature only dragon types. Personally, my theory is that they would have made him a dragon originally, but in Generation one, dragons were meant to be a rare type, and so the typing was only given to the Dratini line. In later generations, Game Freak assigned the dragon label more freely, but Charizard is a very popular Pokemon so they didn't want to "retcon" him. Instead, they took the opportunity that Generation six presented with Mega Pokemon, and gave him an alternate form where he becomes Fire/Dragon.
Considering the amount of attention that the Pokemon company gives Charizard, I'd be very surprised if he doesn't receive some toys when other Mega Pokemon do. I intend to get my 'key items' for him, if they're all made, but I'd have a hard time resisting a nice large plush!

Pokemon Mega Ampharos sprite

Mega Ampharos


I was quite surprised that Ampharos's Mega evolution gained the Dragon type, but since I've always been fond of her, it was a pleasant surprise! I don't think her odds for toys are quite as good as Mega Charizard's, but I'll hope that she gets at least some figures!