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Last updated: October/30/2013

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Clear File

Pokemon Center Clear File
Source: Yahoo! Japan

A nifty clear file, using the art from the Pokemon Center bag (also on this page). A clear file is pretty much what it sounds like - a thin plastic folder that you can put a few papers in.

Dialga Miniature Clear File

Mini Clear File
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I knew from the title of the auction that this was a mini clear file, but I didn't realize it was this mini!
See it next to my regular Dialga clear file here. Palkia is on the back of this one (well, of both of these actually).

Dialga Diamond Version Clear File

Pokemon Center Diamond Version Clear File
Source: Yahoo! Japan

When I first saw this appear on Yahoo Japan, I thought it was a custom made item someone put together - the fuzzy picture made it look cheaply made, and I'd never seen it before. I passed it up the first time, but then when it was relisted, I just had to know, so I had Crescent Shop ask the seller if it was a custom made item or not. The seller replied that they received it as a bonus item when they purchased a game.
After comparing the picture to some of the other Diamond items in my collection (such as the tin and keychain), I realized they all had the game-specific things such as the Wifi note and the rating, so I went ahead and bought it. When I received it in hand, the file is much glossier and nicer looking than in the picture (and my picture doesn't really do it justice either), and is marked with a Pokemon Center and Dialga silhouette on the back. Definitely an official item, and a nice addition to the collection!

Dialga Storybook Magnets (2)

Cut Out Storybook Magnets
Sources: buizelcollector of pkmncollectors, Kinokuniya

During our Pokemon get-together for the Philadelphia Black & White mall tour, I was sitting in a bookstore resting my tired feet, after checking the store for Pokemon goodies and not finding anything. But then mamoswine of pkmncollectors came up to me, said, "I found a Dialga thing!", and led me to a book of Pokemon magnets, including this one! Thanks darling! <3 Like the other magnet in the photo, this one is from a book with metal pages and a bunch of magnets. You're supposed to arrange the magnets on the pages to tell a story, but of course I just take out the magnets and split them up ^_^; The rest of the set has Pokemon from the 12th movie like the Johto starters and Arceus.

Dialga Ensky Magnet Collection Gum

Ensky Magnet
Source: Mbok

This is the only Dialga Ensky magnet I've been able to get my hands on so far. I believe it's from a Movie 10 set, and I know I'm at least still missing the Movie 12 and Set 2 Dialgas. I feel lucky to have even one of them though!

Dialga Retsuden Magnets (3)

3D Retsuden Magnets
Source: Sunyshore, and from the booster pack

It looks like you can use it for some kind of game, but maybe it just has Pokedex information? I see the Dragon/Steel typing on there, at least.

The first and third are from Sunyshore, and the second is from a 2008 set that I kept buying until I got Dialga. #8 is from set 3, I'm not sure of the sets for the others.

Dialga Character Magnet

Character Magnet
Source: Sunyshore

This is from a little magnet pack featuring several DP Pokemon with various colored backgrounds.

Dialga Magnechip Magnet

Magnechip (Mini Magnet)
Source: Floaroma Pokemart

A tiny (about 1" tall) magnet, part of a large set! I was lucky and was able to buy this one singly instead of having to buy tons of the packs...

Tiny Dialga Magnet

Tiny Magnet
Source: warandromance of pkmncollectors

An extremely tiny and round magnet!

Dialga Namco Exclusive Magnet

Namco Promotional Magnet
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This magnet came on a sheet (also a magnet) advertising some promotion running from 2008 to 2009. It also included Turtwig, Piplup, Chimchar, Palkia, and Pikachu (who is larger and has the Namco logo on his magnet). This one is also larger than I expected it would be, at about 2" diameter. I won the auction for only 50 yen!

Dialga Pencilboard

Pencilboard (Shitajiki)
Source: Yahoo! Japan

A nice and large pencilboard that I used as a mousepad for a while (under a protective surface, that is). I like the bold lines on this one!

Dialga Stamp Rally Pencilboard Dialga Stamp Rally Pencilboard

7-11 Stamp Rally Pencilboard (Shitajiki)
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This was a prize obtainable through the 2007 version of the annual 7-11 summer stamp rally. I don't usually go for items with Dialga among other Pokemon, but I couldn't resist Ash and his Pokemon being in awe of Dialga. Plus, the back has Dialga's silhouette and name, so no question there!

Dialga Blue Stencil

McDonald's Stencil
マクドナルド ステンシル
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I'd seen these stencils around for many DP Pokemon, but never a Dialga, so for some reason I assumed he wasn't in the set. It was quite a surprise to find this stencil (featuring two Dialga) in an auction for just 100 yen!

Dialga Carddas File

Carddass File
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This small folder contains a bunch of stickers and some paper-inserts. It's not 100% Dialga but it's Dialga-centric enough for me!

Dialga "Be Mine! [no pressure]" Valentine

Paper Valentine
Source: raichu26 of pkmncollectors

This somewhat silly valentine was a freebie from Raichu26. Amusing and official merch, into the collection it goes!

Dialga Student and Teacher Valentine Set

Paper Valentines
Source: gengareric of pkmncollectors

Hey, more Dialga valentines! According to gengareric who traded these to me, this series was recalled (maybe in favor of the above series?) because the lollipops that were included with the valentines had springs in them. The one that says "You taught me to be awesome!" is a teacher valentine from the back of the package, which could be cut out and given to your teacher (whereas the others were to be given to your classmates).

Pokemon Dialga Mini Bookmark

Mini Bookmark
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

I couldn't get it to show in the photo, but this is actually like a tiny little post-it set, with numerous sheets. I suppose you're supposed to use each one as a little bookmark!

Pokemon Center Dialga Notepad

Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

I'm not sure if this was a leftover from the 10th movie goods, or if Dialga got a new notepad along with Giratina and Shaymin, but I'm glad I was able to get one either way!

Dialga Movie Goods Notepad

Movie Goods Notepad
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I'd seen this item in the 10th Movie goods listing and disregarded it, because it showed it together with the Darkrai and Palkia notepads and I thought they were all connected. (Such as, joined at the sides with the ability to fold together or something.) Then the set showed up at auction, not joined together at all! The seller might have separated them, but since I don't know for sure I'm just going to count this is a separate Dialga item for now.


Dialga Daiichi Pan Stickers (9)

Daiichi Pan Stickers
デコキャラ シール
Source: Yahoo! Japan, crunch385 of pkmncollectors, packages of Pokemon Pan

These stickers come with Pokemon Pan, a type of bread sold only in Japan. I found the first 6 on Yahoo Japan, picked up the last two in packages of the bread itself, and got the newest 'diving' one as part of a trade with crunch385. With the newest addition, I believe I have them all again!
These are nifty textured reusable stickers that are about 1 1/2" tall.

Dialga Retsuden Amada Stickers (37)

Retsuden ("Amada") Stickers
烈伝シール (最強、技、等)
Source: gogoicarus, taycs, bureiru, kassia9, azureyoshi, vaporeon_07, killerjaw01, kamikaze87, kiiyame of pkmncollectors, Yahoo! Japan, various places in Japan

What interesting poses! They come in a variety of plain paper, metallic, and sparkly. So far I have 37 different ones! Help me finish up this collection, won't you?

Several of these were found in Japan as part of the sticker packs.

Dialga Lenticular Amada Cards (6)

Lenticular Retsuden (Amada) Cards
Source: Yahoo! Japan, Pokemon Center Tokyo, rikufied and crunch385 of pkmncollectors

These have a reflective plastic surface, and are a bit thicker than the regular stickers.

Dialga Double Sided Amada Stickers

Double-Battle Retsuden (Amada) Stickers
Source: Yahoo! Japan, nasija of pkmncollectors

This card looks much like an Amada sticker, but is made up of 2 stickers, with a different image on the front and back. The back (or whichever the lighter side is) is reflective. The new one on the right is from the second general DP set (though possibly is a rare, given its holo background) and the other is from an 11th movie set.
Dialga Retsuden Pro Sticker

Retsuden (Amada) Pro Sticker
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

This sticker is from the Black&White version of the Amada Retsuden stickers above. It's meant to be used with the Pokedex Pro 3DS app to view the Pokemon in "real life" on your 3DS camera.

Dialga Ramen Noodle Seals/Stickers (6)

Noodle Seals/Stickers
Source: Yahoo! Japan, crunch385 of pkmncollectors

I had the 10th movie sticker (that one on the upper left) for quite a while, but didn't really know what they were. But then crunch385, who collects all of the stickers in this series joined pkmncollectors and educated us about them! The stickers are included with bowls of instant ramen in Japanese grocery and convenience stores, so they're referred to as noodle stickers. It appears to be a somewhat long-running series, dating back to the time of the Jirachi movie (2003) if not earlier! As far as I know, I now have all of the Dialga released, though that assumes there weren't any released for Black/White. Here they are, starting from the upper left:

Thanks to the Pokemon Noodle Club" for the information about these!

Dialga Marumiya Sticker ディアルガ 丸美屋 シール (2)

DP Marumiya Stickers (2)
丸美屋 シール (DP版)
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Marumiya has a set of Pokemon stickers going back to at least AG era (if not earlier) where one random sticker is enclosed with any Marumiya Pokemon food product: things like shaped seaweed, curry, rice seasoning, and so on. I didn't really know about these until after DP era had ended, and the stickers were pretty hard to find on auction sites. On top of that, they come with a top layer to peel off that only shows a Pokeball and a number, and unless you know the number for that particular set, it's up to luck whether the Pokemon is the one you're after. (Once you have it in hand, you can hold the sticker up to the light to see who's underneath, but this doesn't work if you're just looking at auctions for the stickers...) I searched around for collection sites listing these numbers, but didn't find any lists with Dialga, so I bought a small set of Master Ball patterned stickers and hoped for the best. And out came the one on the right!
I had to peel off the Master Ball portion to reveal the Dialga card, but I took a scan of it beforehand - you can see that here. I hadn't had that one long when I was searching for other Marumiya stickers, and was very surprised to find another Dialga one! I'm guessing it's from an earlier DP series, as most of the ones I have in that style are AG Pokemon or early release DP Pokemon like Weavile.
Anyway, there are probably still more Dialga in this set, so I'll keep searching!

Dialga Marumiya Sticker ディアルガ 丸美屋 シール (2)

BW Marumiya Stickers (2)
丸美屋 シール (BW第4弾)
Source: Various Retail Stores in Japan

These stickers are from the same series as the above, but a BW set - the last BW set, I believe. And it had not just one, but two different Dialga! The stickers on top featured different Pokemon and poses from the smooth cards underneath, and Dialga (and Jolteon) were featured on both types.
Let's not discuss how many packs I bought trying to get both of these.

Dialga Caramel Sticker ディアルガ キャラメル シール

Pokemon Center Caramel Sticker
Source: Yahoo! Japan

'Dialga with Diamonds' is a little subcollection of mine, so I was really pleased to find this sticker for sale in a lot. Like the others in a set, it features Pokemon Center-exclusive art!
I did a little searching around and found a photo of these stickers with the box and candy. The back features Dialga, Palkia, and Darkrai, since that was a movie edition set. (Thanks to this blog for the information and photo!

Dialga Diamond and Pearl TCG Sticker

Trading Card Game Sticker
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

The origin of this sticker is a mystery to me. It features the art from the Diamond and Pearl set of the Pokemon TCG (DP1), but is marked 2009, which is a few years later than that.

Dialga 時 Korean 'Learn Chinese' Sticker

Korean 'Learn Chinese' Sticker
Source: gleameyesluxray of pkmncollectors

This is from a really neat set of "Let's Learn Chinese!" Korean stickers. I don't know Korean or Chinese at all, but I do know some Japanese, and Japanese has borrowed a lot of characters from Chinese, so I can recognize most of the characters in this set, and they're appropriate for the Pokemon shown on the sticker. Dialga's is 時, which means 'time' in Japanese, and I'd guess it means the same in Chinese too!

Dialga Diamond and Pearl Argentina Sticker

South American Sticker
Source: blackdog333 of pkmncollectors

This is part of a large set of stickers from South America. If not for pkmncollectors and worldwide trading, I would have had no way to get these!

Pokemon Dialga Can Badge Card Stickers (3)

Can Badge Card Stickers
Source: Sunyshore!, Pokemon Center Tokyo

The cards that came with the Can Badges. I have 4 badges but only 3 cards; the series 1 badges came with a game card featuring several Pokemon, rather than stickers like these. These three show series numbers of 2, 3, and 7.

Pokemon Dialga Rare Card Sticker

Asahimatsu Sparkling Sticker
Source: Yahoo! Japan?

This sticker was on my wants list for quite a while before I finally found it in a lot! According to the back, it's part of a 40 sticker set released by Asahimatsu, a Japanese food company. I'd guess that like many other stickers, it was packaged with some kind of Pokemon food product.

Dialga Sparkling Sticker ディアルガキラキラシールガムシール

Topp Sparkling Sticker
トップ製菓のポケモン*キラキラ*シール*ガム キラキラ*シール
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Another sticker packaged with snacks, this one features Dialga on a nice metallic background.

Dialga Sparkling Sticker ディアルガ シール

Jakks Sparkling Sticker
Source: couchpotato on eCrater

This sticker was actually on my wanted list for a long time, as part of this set. I finally found it on eCrater in a random search!

Dialga Puchi Puchi Sticker Sheet

Puchi Puchi Sticker Sheet
Source: Floaroma Pokemart

A sheet of rare mini stickers dedicated to Dialga!

Dialga Puchi Puchi Stickers

Puchi Puchi Stickers
Source: Floaroma Pokemart

These stickers are just like the above, but gathered from many different sheets that featured a variety of Pokemon. Each sticker is individually backed and can be punched out from the sheet, so it's easy to add these to my collection!

Pokemon Dialga Bandages (4)

Bandages (Plasters)
Sources: Sunyshore, snowball21, blazikenbabe, and blackberrypie of pkmncollectors

Bandages are a type of sticker, right? These are probably intended to be used, but I'm in a collector, so these will remain in a binder with my other flats!
The far right one (from Sunyshore) is from a set with Shinx and others (perhaps the Starly line)?
The third one (from snowball21) is from a Pokemon Center tin that also features Palkia, Infernape, Torterra, and Lucario.
The second one is probably also from a Pokemon Center bandage set, and I got it through a trade with blackberrypie, another Dialga collector!
The far left one is a Europe exclusive, received from blazikenbabe in a trade!

Pokemon Dialga Green Sticker

Movie Sticker
Source: blackjackrocket of pkmncollectors

I saw this sticker in a sales post and snapped it up, since I'd never seen it before. But when I got it, I was a bit puzzled. The left, right, and bottom edges are clearly as they were made, but the top has been cut with scissors and has an uneven edge. I don't collect Dialga stickers that've been cut out of a sheet (I have my hands full just getting the ones where he appears singly), but I didn't know if this was part of a sheet or not!
I still haven't found this complete sheet, but I did find others in the set (Arceus and Giratina) and it appears that there are 4 stickers per sheet - one big one (like this Dialga) and 3 small ones of other Pokemon from the movie. So whoever got that Dialga probably just split the sheet up. I'd still like to find this Dialga intact, since I know the sheet is Dialga-centric enough for me to want it now!

Dialga Poke Ball Sticker Pack Stickers

Poke Ball Sticker Pack
Source: ltgriffonclaw of pkmncollectors

These little stickers are from a Pokeball Sticker Pack (モンスターシールパック), which is a plastic featuring stickers of several hyped DP Pokemon.

Dialga Square Topp Stickers

Square Topp Stickers
トップシール (シリーズ不明)
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

I don't know much about these oddly designed stickers, other than they are marked Topp on the back and feature a Who's that Pokemon? question. (One has Lanturn, and the other has Cranidos.) Like many other stickers here, I was able to get these through trades with Crunch, saving me money on deputy service fees! Thanks for helping out my collection so much!

Dialga Mini Rectangular Stickers

Small Rectangular Stickers
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

These stickers go with the Subarudo ramune cards, but I'm not sure which set exactly these are part of. We found them in a random sticker auction lot on Yahoo Japan Auctions.

Dialga Seal Gum Stickers (2)

Gum Stickers
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

These are some pretty rare stickers! Like many other Pokemon stickers, they came packaged with some kind of gum, just one sticker to the package.

Dialga Lenticular Gum Sticker

Rare Gum Sticker
DPシールガム レアシール
Source: eBay

While the above gum stickers are rare too, this one is actually designated as such within the series - it's one of just three lenticular seals in each set. (I don't actually know which series number this sticker belongs to - if you know, please tell me!)
I was very excited to find this sticker listed by itself on eBay with a Buy It Now!

Diamond and Pearl Card Collection - Part 1 Dialga Gachapon Book Sticker

Diamond and Pearl Card Collection - Part 1 Gachapon Book Sticker
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo (Gachapon machine)

While browsing the gachapon machines at the Pokemon Center, I noticed that this series featured a little Dialga sticker. I thought maybe it would take a lot of tries to get one, but I put in the coins for one try and was pleased to see that I received a tiny (about 1 1/2" square) binder with a few dozen little stickers, one of them Dialga!

Dialga kiri Sticker

'Kiri' Promotional Sticker
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

This sticker was included in a Kiri snack package in 2009, as part of the 12th movie promotion. You can see the packaging here - thanks to Asami for the information and photo.

Dialga Rectangular Topp Sticker

Topp Sticker

Source: Yahoo! Japan(?)

Here's another sticker I don't know the origin of, but I'd guess that it was packaged with some kind of food or candy. The back is simply marked as 'Topp' and has the Diamond and Pearl logo.

Dialga Scratch Guard DS Decal Sticker

Scratch Guard DS Lite Decal
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This is a thick sticker to put on your DS Lite to protect it from scratches. I don't always buy items like this since they're somewhat expensive through Yahoo Japan and deputies, but every once in a while I go through and clear out the flat items I don't have yet.

Dialga Movie 11 and 12 Sticker Pack (11)

Movie Sticker Packs (11th and 12th Movie Versions)
Source: Daiei (retail store in Japan), jedi_amara of pkmncollectors

These are distributed through Gachapon machines within Pokeballs - each ball contains quite a few (20-30?) of these mini stickers, with a few duplicates of each sticker as well. I got a few of these from a gachapon machine directly, but most of them came from jedi_amara. Thanks much!

Dialga Reflective Purple Sticker

Reflective Purple Sticker
Source: Yahoo! Japan

A largish and reflective purple sticker. I don't really know anything else about it!

Dialga Square Sticker

Square Sticker
Source: Unknown

This sticker came in some pack that either my friend or I bought, but by the time I got back to the US, I couldn't remember what it came in. Perhaps some figure or candy set?

Dialga Square Sparkly Sushirou Stickers

Sushirou / Akindo (スシロー/あきんど) Stickers
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

I had the one on the left for a while, and it wasn't until I got the one on the right (in a lot with many others) that I discovered what these are. Somewhat like the Marumiya stickers, these come unpeeled (probably with some food product), and you have to peel off the top layer or hold it up to a light to see which Pokemon it is. Here I have one from Series 1 and one from Series 2, and you can see some unpeeled ones here.

Big Dialga Floating Sticker

Large 'Floating' Sticker
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

As far as I can tell, this is a large (4" tall or so?) stuffed sticker.

Dialga Nissui DP Big Zukan Sticker CardDialga Nissui DP Big Zukan Sticker Card (back)

Nissui Big Pokedex: Evolution Sticker
ニッスイ だいずかん しんかシール
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This sticker is one of the promotional items Nissui (a Japanese food company) includes with their products. This one is from a Pokemon Sausage series!
For reference, the back of the card is shown as well.

Dialga Nissui BW Sticker Card

Nissui National Pokedex Double Seal
ニッスイ ダブルシールぜんこくばん でんせつのポケモン
Source: Olympic (grocery store in Japan)

This sticker was distributed the same way as the above, but is from a BW set rather than a DP one. It's called a Double Seal because there's a completely different image on the top and bottom - this one had Totodile line stickers on the top that I peeled off to review the Dialga below.

Pokemon Dialga Ramune Battle Card Stickers (6)

Ensky Ramune 'Attack' Stickers
エンスカイ ラムネ シール
Source: Yahoo! Japan

These are part of a large sticker series, and I'm still missing several! The ones that have borders in black (#053, #161, and #205) are holo versions, which are harder to come by and as there are only so many per box.
This is yet another of those series that seem to have stats for some kind of game, but I have no idea how to use them!

Pokemon Dialga Die-cut Sticker

Large Die-Cut Sticker
Source: pheonixxfoxx of pkmncollectors

This large sticker (about 5" long!) was a freebie from pheonixxfoxx with another item I purchased. Thanks a lot!

Pokemon Dialga Movie Stickers

Pokemon Movie Sticker Sheet
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I had this sticker sheet for years and wondered what it was from, since I never saw another...but then I realized that the markings and size are consistent with the sticker booklets of the type shown below, and the seller just took this out of the 10th Movie sticker booklet to put it in the Dialga flats lot I bought. Works for me!

Dialga and Pokemon Diamond Sticker Booklet

Pokemon Diamond Sticker Booklet
Source: fizzycat of pkmncollectors

This is the same type of book as above, but instead of including all the DP Pokemon it focuses on Pokemon Diamond. Score one more for my Diamond version collection!

Dialga Sticker Sheet from Pokemon Diamond Booklet Dialga Sticker Sheet from Pokemon Diamond Booklet Dialga Sticker Sheet from Pokemon Diamond Booklet

Pokemon Diamond Stickers

Source: The above booklet!

These are from the sticker book shown above. There are more pages in the books, but I just scanned a few of the Dialga-centric ones so that I don't get excited over them and try to buy them if they appear singly later!

Pokemon Dialga Sticker Pokedex

Pokedex Sticker Booklet
ポケモンDP全キャラ大ずかん (前編)
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

I wasn't sure at first if this could be considered Dialga-centric enough to buy for my collection...but then I saw the back. Yes, this is a Dialga item. ^_^
This is the first part of the Pokedex, showing the Pokemon in Japanese alphabetical order, and only goes up to Numel (ドンメル). I suspect there is another version with Palkia that continues the set.

Dialga Pokedex Sticker Page

Pokedex Sticker Booklet Page
ポケモンDP全キャラ大ずかん (前編) ページ
Source: The above booklet!

Just as with the Pokemon Diamond stickers, the Dialga version of the Pokedex (shown above) has a Dialga page, so I wanted to note it here for reference.

Pokemon Dialga Security Buzzer Sticker

Security Buzzer Sticker
Source: Retail store in Akihabara, Japan

This sticker is to accompany the security buzzer (shown here) so that the buzzer itself doesn't need to be used as often. It warns that this person is carrying a security buzzer. I've seen the pair together often on backpacks as a set.

Dialga Mini Sticker Pack Stickers (6)

Little Mini Stickers (2007, 2008, and 2009 versions)
Source: ridi of pkmncollectors, and sticker pack from Pokemon Center Tokyo

A few of these were free gifts from ridi with the charm I bought from her. Others are from the 2008 and 2009 'manly' sticker sets.

Dialga Large Korean Sticker

Korean Large Sticker
Source: larvitarscar of pkmncollectors

This is a big textured sticker, about the size of a Bromide card. It also glows in the dark (and has that unfortunate glossy backing that pan stickers have, which seems to make it a dust magnet).

Dialga Mini Korean Sticker

Korean Mini Sticker
Source: mamoswine of pkmncollectors

This is quite similar to the above, but is from a completely different set. A Korean set of blind-packed rubber eraser Pokemon figures are accompanied by blind-packed stickers like this one. A few people found the set, but they never pulled the Dialga sticker, so I was missing this one for a while...until mamoswine got one and offered it to me! Thank you!

Dialga Blue Mini Sticker

Reflective Blue Sticker
Source: Floaroma Pokemart

Another little mystery sticker! This one is pretty small, so maybe it's from some gachapon set.

Pokemon Dialga Wall Graffix Sticker

Dialga Wall Graffix Sticker
Source: FYE (US retail store)

A very large sticker you can use to decorate your room!

Dialga Blue Sandylion Sticker

Sandylion Sticker
Source: eBay

This sticker came up from an Australian seller on my searches on eBay, and I've also seen it in an Australian friend's collection. Maybe it was only released there?

Cloth Flats

Pokemon Dialga Pokemon Fair 2007 Wall Scroll

Pokemon Fair 2007 Wall Scroll
Source: 99reddrifloons of pkmncollectors

I won this banner in a community auction, and I couldn't be more pleased with it! I was actually expecting it to be made of paper, but it's made of cloth like a wallscroll.

When I first saw it, I hesitated a little bit because it's got Dawn and Piplup so prominently, but then it struck me that it was a promotional item probably not put out for general sale (or at least that's what I'm guessing, since it says 7-11 Pokemon Fair 2007), and that there is probably a Palkia and maybe Darkrai counterpart. Then, I had to have it!

It looks pretty crooked in the picture, but it's actually wider at the bottom than the top! It's also quite a bit bigger than I expected, so for now it's on the wall opposite the rest of my collection. I'll be sure to find a good spot for it once I move!

Pokemon Dialga Oshibori / Handtowel

Oshibori (hand towel)
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

I have a few Dialga hand towels, but this one is a bit different - it's much thinner and is meant for just wiping your hands at the table with a moistened cloth before eating at a restaurant (as is done in Japan). I'd never seen these until Crunch found a set and kindly traded them to me!

Pokemon Dialga Handkerchief

Dialga Handkerchief
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Another piece for my Dialga-with-Diamonds subcollection. ^_^;

Pokemon Dialga Handkerchief

Dialga Handkerchief
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Well, this handkerchief actually has Palkia on it too, but it folds up naturally into fourths, making Dialga completely visible and Palkia not at all so. It's also likely to be a rare old Pokemon Center item, so I decided to make an exception and add it to my collection.

Pokemon Dialga Washcloth

Source: Yahoo! Japan

This washcloth is a different type than the one I found in Japan. Maybe it's a bit older?

Pokemon Dialga Washcloth

Source: Pokemon Center (Yokohama, Japan)

Part of a set of Pokemon Center-exclusive cloths featuring Dialga. I know that there's at least a matching towel I don't have...

Pokemon Dialga Wappen (8)

Various Wappen (Iron-on Patches)
Source: Yahoo! Japan, Pokemon Center Tokyo, and crunch385 of pkmncollectors

There are quite a few styles of these, some with blanks to write your name on (or your child's name) and others that are just for decoration. I think I've now got almost all of them, though I know I'm missing at least one...

Dialga Glow in the Dark Iron on Patch

Glow in the Dark Iron on Patch
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

I first grabbed this patch thinking it was just another Wappen, although it doesn't have the name on it. When I inspected it more closely, though, I noticed that it states the border lights up. A quick test confirmed that this means the border glows in the dark - how cool!

Dialga Cloth Name Labels

Iron-on Name Labels
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

I'd thought that these were Wappen too because the backing is so similar, but they're much thinner and a different shape (although I guess they're still Wappen since they've got the "It's simple! Attach with an iron!" message in the corner). I'm not sure how old they are, but I'd guess the running one is from 2009 because that pose saw a lot of use during the 12th Movie promotion.

Pokemon Dialga Pokemon Center T-Shirt

Pokemon Center USA T-Shirt
Source: PokemonCenter.com

I purchased this shirt quite a while ago from the now-closed US Pokemon Center website, back before I was really into Dialga. It's a good thing I did, because it's pretty hard to find now! This is one of only a few Dialga shirts I know of that comes in adult sizes.

Pokemon Dialga Promotional T-Shirt

Promotional T-Shirt
Source: warandromance of pkmncollectors

The Dialga and Palkia edition DS Lite was sold as a limited release on the PokemonCenter.com website, but some after that it was also sold at GameStop with a few freebies, such as this shirt. I already had the DS from the first release, and I wasn't going to buy another just to get the shirt, but I lucked out and found it for sale on the community! The back features Palkia.

Pokemon Dialga Assorted Clothes

Assorted Dialga Shirts and Pants
Source: Yahoo! Japan (and Pokemon Center USA)

I bought these in a lot on YJ with the hope that maybe, just maybe, some of them would fit. But no way. I can wear some pretty small shirts, but I think I would have to be about 8 years old to fit in these, so for now they just stay in the tin they came in. The black shirt (the only adult sized one) is from Pokemon Center's website before they closed. (I know there are other Dialga shirts not pictured here - I do want to get them all eventually, but since I can't wear them and they're hard to display, they're not a high priority right now.)


Children's Socks 
Source: Yahoo! Japan (in the above set) 

These might actually fit, but I'm not going to get them all dirty! 

More Socks!

More socks!

Source: Pokemon Center (Yokohama, Japan) I think

2 more variations on the sock - an 11th movie one and a generic DP one. I have an extra of the generic that actually (sort of) fits!


(Athletic?) Wristband
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I could wear this when working out! But I won't, because I'd rather keep it clean and pretty.

Expandable Washcloth

Magic Mitts Expanding Washcloth
Source: eBay

This opens up if you soak it in water into a full-sized mitt - well, a mitt without a thumb. I've left it in the package rather than use it for showering.

Non-TCG Cards

Dialga Gift Card

Gift Card
Source: annaeel and nanoplasm of pkmncollectors

This is a gift card that was a freebie with the purchase of a game a few years ago. I don't know if it has any credit on it (or if it still works if it does), but it doesn't really matter to me!

Dialga Toys R Us Gift Card

TRU Card
Source: eBay

Like the above, this is a gift card that had some small amount of credit on it (though it had none left by the time it reached me). A random eBay find from a seller in France!

Dialga Kellogg's Cereal Card

Kellogg's Cereal Card
Source: Sunyshore!

This card was actually left behind by a previous guest who was staying with Gin, the owner of Sunyshore. It was wrapped in plastic when she gave it to me, so perhaps it came in packages of Kellogg's cereal?

Dialga Pokedex Card Dialga Pokedex Card

Pokedex Card (unknown series)
ずかんカード (セット不明)
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I got this one in a huge lot of Japanese flats, and I know nothing about what set it's from. It's marked Topp and shows some Pokedex data. Hmm...

Pokemon Dialga Lenticular Card

Lenticular Promo Card
Source: Toys R Us (USA)

I actually got this card back in September 2008 with the Manaphy giveaway at Toys R Us (at least I think it was Manaphy), but it was in my purse since then so that I'd forgotten to add it to my collection! If shown straight on, it shows Palkia, so I have it at an angle here.

Pokemon Dialga Japanese Lenticular Card

Lenticular Tomy Card
Source: warandromance of pkmncollectors

This card features 4 different Dialga images, 2 for each way you can tilt it. It's marked 2009 Takara Tomy Arts, and also mentions the Pikachu Project, so I'm guessing it's a 12th movie promotional item.

Pokemon Dialga Bath Soap Crayon Cards

Bath Crayon Cards
Source: Yahoo! Japan, crunch385 of pkmncollectors

Once you've had your fun with your Pokemon bath crayons, you can keep the plastic card that came along with it as a reminder of the experience.
One of these I found tucked inside this, and the other was received as part of a trade with Crunch. Sadly I don't have the crayon that came with the second one, but I think there's little chance of finding it now!

Dialga Clear Plastic Blue Card

Pokemon Gallery Card
Source: Mbok.jp

This item was on my wanted list for a long time, as an item I'd missed once and then couldn't find again. It's a little larger than a TCG card and made of clear plastic, and looks quite nice!
Thanks to my friend crunch385 on pkmncollectors, I now know this card is from the Subarudo 'Pokemon Gallery' set! Here is a picture of the packaging and here is a picture of the set contents.

Pokemon Dialga Subarudo Ramune Cards (2)

Subarudo Pokedex Ramune Cards
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

These plastic cards were included in packs of Subarado's Pokemon Ramune candy.

Pokemon Dialga Subarudo Ramune Card and Stickers

Subarudo Pokedex Ramune Cards
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This is just like the above set, but since I got it still in the plastic wrap, I now know that it comes with two little stickers. I wanted to feature the cards and stickers together, but since I found all the others loose, I don't know which mini sticker goes with which card!

Pokemon Dialga 10th Movie Clear Card

Clear (10th Movie) Card
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This came as part of a set with Darkrai, Palkia, and cards with all of them together. The scanner doesn't show it, but it actually has a clear plastic background. I wish that I had a more descriptive name for this, but the packaging itself just says "Clear Card Set", so that's all I get.

Pokemon Dialga Topp Glow in the Dark Cards

Topp Glow in the Dark Cards
Source: Yahoo! Japan

These cards (not to be confused with the American Topps cards) feature glow in the dark images of the Pokemon on the back. I have a Jolteon in this series as well!

Pokemon Dialga Topp Sticker Card

Topp Sticker Card
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This looks much like the above cards from the front, but the back is just plain sticker backing instead of a glow in the dark image.

Pokemon Dialga Topp Scratch Battle Gum Card

Scratch Battle Gum Card
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Ah, these Topp cards really confuse me! They look so similar on one side, but the backs are totally different...
Anyway, this card is from a set that comes with a lottery-like scratch and reveal card, in addition to this regular card. I spent a lot of money on packs trying to get this card before eventually getting one in a huge flats lot!
Despite the similar design to the above card, this is the only one I have that says 'Scratch Battle Gum' on the back. Are there more Dialga ones out there, though?

Pokemon Dialga Topp Gum Card

Topp Sparkling Gum Card
トップカード (シリーズ不明)
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Here's a lovely Topp card that I'd never seen before, then got two of at once in a big lot! It's got a nice sparkle to it that my scanner doesn't do justice to.
The back of this card shows Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Arceus with a red background, so I assume it's from some 12th movie set.

Pokemon Dialga VS Cards Pokemon Dialga VS Cards

VS Cards
Source: Yahoo! Japan, denkimouse of pkmncollectors, Pokemon Center Tokyo

This series features Pokemon performing their attacks (on another Pokemon). I had the Dialga vs Palkia one for a long time, got the Dialga vs Gyarados one from denkimouse, and then saw that the Dialga vs Giratina one, which I'd not managed to find, was still being sold in Pokemon Centers. After buying some dozen packs and not getting it, on my last trip to the Pokemon Center I grabbed all of the remaining packs on the shelf. There he was!
In the second photo you can see the backs (fronts?) of the cards. I haven't featured the two with Dialga getting attacked (since those show Palkia and Giratina on the other sides), but since I happened to get them without trying, I figured I may as well keep them and include them here.

Pokemon Dialga BW VS Card

BW VS Card

Unlike previous VS cards, the BW series consists of two types of cards: solid background cards and clear top cards. This Dialga base came with an attacking Keldeo, but you could swap in any other attacking clear card. He looks really lost by himself!

Dialga Gum Collection Cards (2)

Gum Collection Card
Source: dionashi and noxxbunny of pkmncollectors

Cards like these make me glad I have Dialga FTW. A quick check on the site confirmed that I didn't have this particular one yet, and I happily purchased this without having to go through deputy services and Yahoo Japan.
This is a Topps card like the above, but is marked with the Arceus and the Jewel of Life movie logo, so I'm assuming it's from that set. I'll probably combine them all at some point, but for now I know that this particular kind is packaged randomly with a piece of gum. (The backs are different, however - the one on the left has a plain yellow back, and the one on the right is glossy and shows a small poster-like image of the Arceus movie.)

Pokemon Dialga Bromide Cards (10)

Ensky Bromide Cards
Source: warandromance of pkmncollectors, Yahoo! Japan, eBay, crunch385 of pkmncollectors

This series looks like some sort of Pokedex data card, and are marked Ensky on the back.
The ones on the bottom right are DX Bromide, and have a reflective shiny surface that neither my camera nor scanner could pick up properly. It's quite pretty, though!

Dialga Puzzle Card

Puzzle Card
Source: Floaroma Pokemart
The front of this card has a little bit of information about Dialga, and the back of it has a picture that makes up a larger one when combined with other cards in the set, hence the name.

Dialga Hiragana Cards と and しDialga Hiragana Cards と and し (back)

Hiragana Card (と、し) ポケモンかるた と し
Source: rainyan and jyxxie of pkmncollectors

I don't know what と has to do with Dialga, since it doesn't appear in his Japanese name. My best guess is that it goes with the card below, and it's taken from the "ときをあやつる" phrase there.
And し makes even less sense to me - maybe that's because I'm missing its accompanying card? This one finally arrived in time for Christmas, after agreeing to trade for it about 2 years earlier!
The second image shows the backs of both cards, just so I don't mistake them for ones I'm missing.

Dialga Get Card

Get! Card
Source: rainyan of pkmncollectors

I don't know what this card is for, but it seems to match up with the と hiragana card above. The front (which I didn't photograph since it doesn't have any images on it) says "ときをあやつるでぃあるが(ディアルガ)” (Dialga, which controls time). At the bottom it just says Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Pokemon Dialga Shiritori Card

Shiritori Card

I don't know a lot about this one, but it looks like it came with some kind of food item since it has the Nissui logo on the back. The back also suggests playing Pokemon Shiritori, which is a Japanese game where you try to come up with a word that begins with the syllable the last word ended with. For example, it suggests going from ディアルガ (Dialga) to ガラガラ (Marowak): Marowak starts with the ガ that Dialga ends with.

Pokemon Dialga Soap Cards

Bath Soap Cards
ポケットモンスター あわ入浴剤DX
Source: Daiei (Shiki, Japan), Yahoo! Japan

This set is sold 2 cards at a time, also with a bag of soap. I wasn't able to find very many of these in stores, but thankfully I found the leftmost Dialga in my second box. If only I'd had that kind of luck with certain other items...
The one on the right was a Yahoo! Japan find. I think I'm missing a few of these yet.

Playing Cards

Playing Card Set
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

Not TCG cards, but your standard playing cards, featuring Dialga.

Dialga Playing Cards (Ace of Diamonds and Joker)

Single Playing Cards
Source: helloskitty of pkmncollectors, Daiei (department store in Japan)

The left card is actually from a Pokemon Diamond deck, shown above. I've had the deck new and unopened for a long time, and then bought the Joker Dialga card separately on pkmncollectors since I didn't recognize him when he popped up - but this way, I get to keep the pack unopened!
The right one is from a somewhat expensive deck of cards I found in Japan that showed a Dialga as one of the cards on the package. I hesitated before buying it, but I figured that if all of the cards had Pokemon on them, I could probably resell the rest and come out even. Nope! Only the royal cards feature Pokemon, and the rest are just plain cards. Oh well!
For reference, you can see the backs of both cards here.

Dialga Game Card (Joker)

Joker Game Card
しんかトランプ ジョーカー
Source: Floaroma Pokemart

From another Pokemon playing card set, this mini card has Dialga as the Joker, and some kind of association with Sinnoh - maybe the Pokemon are marked by region in this game?
The back says しんかトランプ 小学二年生11月号ふろく.

Dialga Miniature Playing Cards

Individual Playing Cards
Source: caffwin of pkmncollectors

These are from a set featuring a lot of manga-style artwork (and possibly little storylines, though I really only paid attention to the Dialga cards). They're about half the size of a standard playing card.

Pokemon Shinka Playing Cards: Dialga

しんか (Evolution) Playing Cards
Source: Floaroma Pokemart, allinia of pkmncollectors

These appears to be part of a much larger playing card set. The cards themselves are quite small, though: only about half the size of a normal trading card. One of these is marked November and another December - perhaps different sets were released each month for a time?
Here is a photo of the back of the cards.

Pokemon Dialga Shiritori Card

Shiritori Card

This card appears to be from a Bandai Namco amusement park Shiritori set, and is dated 2007. It has the Banpresto logo on it as well. Shiritori is a Japanese game where you try to come up with a word that begins with the syllable the last word ended with. For example, this card suggests going from ディアルガ (Dialga) to カイリキー (Machamp): Machamp starts with カ、and Dialga's name ends with ガ.

Pokemon Dialga Vending Card

Vending Card
Source: soddymothdust of pkmncollectors

This series appears to have been running since at least AG, and there are cards for all Pokemon up through D/P. Here's Dialga's!

Pokemon Dialga Carddass Card

Carddass Vending Card
Source: eBay

A collectible card that also came with a sticker card and the ShoPro insert.

Game Related

Dialga Kuruppa - Bang Bang!

Kuruppa - Bang Bang! Pog
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

This large hexagonal pog is part of the Bang Bang! game by Media Factory.

Pokemon Dialga Big Pogs (2)

Large Battle Pogs
Source: Toys R Us (Ikebukuro, Japan), crunch385 of pkmncollectors

A very large pog, and part of a battle set. Not sure how you play them, but I'll collect these anyway!

Dialga Match n Catch Pog

Match n' Catch Pog
Source: eBay

This is part of a game made by Jakks Pacific containing 72 pogs, 2 of each Pokemon in the set. You can either play 'Memory' with them (that is, turn them all upside down, arrange them, and try to find matching pairs), or flip the disc like a coin. I thought the sets were a bit too expensive in the store considering the simplicity of these games, but thankfully I was able to find a box for cheap on eBay!

Dialga Stand Up Paper Game Piece

Paper Game Piece
Source: Floaroma Pokemart

This piece appears to be a marker for some type of (Japanese) game. It can be folded up (as I've done here) to stand on its own.

Dialga Stand Up Paper Target Toy

Bandai Target Standee
Source: moguryuu of pkmncollectors

This standee is from a 'marble attack' set made by Bandai and sold only in Europe. I'm not sure if there are other Pokemon in the set, but I only know of Luxray as the featured Pokemon that received a brand new posed figure in this series. This Dialga (along with the Palkia and Shaymin also included) are meant to be set up as targets to shoot marbles at using Luxray's launcher. I'd much rather just stand up this Dialga in my collection, though!

Dialga Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Super Music Collection CD

Nintendo DS Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Super Music Collection
ニンテンドーDS ポケモン ダイヤモンド&パール スーパーミュージックコレクション
Source: Play-Asia

The actual in-game music - all of it, even short sound effects like the hatching of an egg. I think my favorites are the Dialga/Palkia encounter music and the Champion battle theme.

Pokemon Diamond American and Japanese Versions

Pokemon Diamond (Japanese and American)
ポケモンダイヤモンド (日本版とアメリカ版)
Source: Birthday present from my boyfriend, and Software Etc. (Retail store)

If we can call this a Dialga item (why not, it has the picture on it the same as anything else, right?) this is my very first one, received in September of 2006. Ah, the 4th generation craziness all began then...

McDonald's Disc

McDonald's Japan Dialga Disc
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I bought the "Dialga set" hoping there was a figure in it, since I couldn't find any information on Japanese McDonald's Pokemon toys when I searched on it. The set has an Ultra Ball that you can clip discs in, and included are Buizel, Gliscor, and several others. 

Other Flat Individual Items

Dialga Diamond Version Promotional Handout

Diamond Version Promotional Handout
Source: eBay

I don't know the origin of these, but I'd assume it was given out at game stores or something prior to Diamond and Pearl's release. They were right, those Pokemon were indeed everywhere!
I'm not sure what to call this one as a promotional card makes it sound like it's from the TCG, but it's about that same kind of cardboard and isn't just normal paper.

Dialga Diamond Version Promotional Bookmark

Diamond Version Promotional Bookmark
Source: eBay

This looks quite similar to the above, but it's a UK-exclusive bookmark that features Palkia on the other side (instead of just information about the games like the above handout). I had this on my wanted list for a little while when fizzycat on pkmncollectors pointed me to this auction, where the bookmark was among a lot of other random Pokemon flat items. Thanks much!

Primal Dialga Small Pog

Primal Dialga Mini Pog
Source: Floaroma Pokemart

The owner of Floaroma gave this to me as a gift one day! It's about the size of a dime and is one of only two items I have for Primal Dialga (the other being the plush).

Dialga 10th Anniversary Music Collection CD Set

10th (Movie) Music Collection CD Set
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I believe this is the soundtrack for the 10th Pokemon movie (Dialga vs Palkia vs Darkrai), but I haven't opened it up to make sure. It also says it has a DVD with some bonus content.
I'd seen this set around quite often, but it took me a while to notice that the front has just Dialga, Ash, and Pikachu (not a pair with Palkia) and so counts as an item for my Dialga collection.
Dialga Pokemon Stamp

Postage Stamp
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I don't know whether or not this can be used as (Japanese) postage, but it's from a long-running series of stamps.

Dialga Nintendo Power Issue (2006)

2006 Nintendo Power Issue
Source: eBay

I thought I might have a bit of trouble finding this issue because it's a magazine from a few years ago, but it showed up on eBay! After I bought it, I saw quite a few more pop up (as if to say, hey, I'd like to get a few dollars for an old magazine too), but nope, I only needed one!

Dialga and Team Plasma Pokemon Manga Issue Japanese

Diamond and Pearl Adventures #5
Source: Kinokuniya (New York City)

So, this is an issue of the Diamond & Pearl Adventures manga, which is not really centered on Dialga…but I'd seen this cover around and considered adding it to my collection, because the cover has Dialga front and center with no other Pokemon on it at all. I knew it was fairly common so I didn't want to import it myself, and eventually I found for a good price at the brick and mortar Kinokuniya in New York City.

Decofun Dialga Foam Decoration

Decofoam Wall Decoration

My search for Dialga items will never be done, because it seems there will always be more items like this one! I found this in a set with other DP Pokemon (Chimchar, Palkia, Torterra, etc), and after a quick purchase, here he is. This is a fairly large decoration at about 5" on each side.

Dialga Temporary Tattoo

Sandylion Temporary Tattoo
Source: dionashi of pkmncollectors

A tiny tattoo to show the Dialga love! I could wear this one, but I prefer to keep it unused and in my collection.

Dialga Japanese Quiz Card

Quiz Card
ポケモンあてまSHOW! ポケモンクイズカード
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors (I think?)

I don't know the set this card is from, but it appears to be from some kind of guessing game you play with a friend. It has a list with 3 hints ("Type: Steel/Dragon", "Description: Time Pokemon" and a partial picture of the Pokemon). Maybe you read these to a friend and try to get them to guess Dialga!

Dialga Japanese Quiz Card

Trivia Card
Source: Sunyshore!

This trivia card (asking about Dialga's second type) is from a little set of trivia cards. I'm not sure of the name of the set since the box just said "Pocket Monsters", but it looked to be from DP era.

Dialga Calendar Page (12/24/2009)

2009 Page-a-day Calendar Page
Source: A gift from my boyfriend!

Near the end of 2008, my boyfriend bought me a page-a-day Pokemon calendar that features a different Pokemon each day (often in a unique pose). I don't usually use those as I don't know where to put the old pages (I can't just throw them out!) so it was left unused for a while.
Recently though, I was looking through the pages near the end of the year to see if there were any Pokemon my friends liked that I could send in their packages, and here was this nifty Dialga page! I'm not sure what Dialga has to do with Christmas Eve, though. Perhaps he's like a reindeer?

Dialga Calendar Page (11/3/2008)

2008 Page-a-day Calendar Page
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

Since they're intended to be thrown out once the day is over, it turns out that these calendar pages can be really hard to find! I was delighted when my friend Crunch offered me this one in trade. The 2010 page is on my wanted list, the 2011 calendar was bi-weekly and I don't think included Dialga, and I don't know whether or not such a calendar was made for 2006 or 2007. I'd be glad to buy or trade for any pages I'm missing!

Dialga Calendar Pages (2012 and 2013)

2012 and 2013 Calendar Pages
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors, 2013 calendar itself

Since these 2012 and 2013 pages are of the same type, I've grouped them together here. This page is similar to the above two, except that it covers a full month (February) instead of just a day. The 2012 page teaches the meaning of a set phrase: "Time waits for no man, so make good use of the time you have. It's foolish to think that Dialga may stop time for you." The 2013 page teaches the meaning of a four-character compound, 空前絶後, meaning "something unprecedented that seems unlikely to ever happen again", and gives an example sentence of "Dialga and Palkia's battle was an isolated incident".

Dialga Menko

Menko (SP006)
Source: Yahoo! Japan

When you collect a Pokemon like Dialga who is not very popular (in pkmncollectors, anyway), there are often things that would be very cheap if you could just find them, but no one ever has them for sale. This one was on my wanted list for a long time, and finally he showed up for 1 yen on Yahoo! Japan. It cost a little more with fees and shipping, but I was still quite happy to get him!

Dialga Menko #51

Menko (051)
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Here's another of Dialga's menko, this one from the first set. As far as I know, this is the only other one out there, but I'll keep a look out for more.

Dialga Cardboard Game PieceDialga Cardboard Game Piece (back)

Bang! Rectangular Menko
Source: pacificpikachu of pkmncollectors

I missed out on this piece in a sales post years ago and it was in my wanted items folder for a long time. Then one day, it showed up in the mail as a surprise gift from pacificpikachu! Wow, thank you!
I found the name of this series from a Google search…while looking for something else entirely. It's apparently a set of cardboard game pieces based around Pokemon in the 2008 (Giratina) movie.

Dialga Paper Dominoes

Paper Dominoes
Source: moguryuu of pkmncollectors

Another item that was a complete surprise! These came with some custom Jolteon charms I commissioned from moguryuu, which you can see on my Jolteon page. She told me that they're from a domino game that was included as a surprise in Pokémon themed Easter chocolate eggs in Italy.

Dialga Moving Paper Toys

Moving Paper Toys
うごく ポケモン
Source: Mitsuwa (retail store), Floaroma Pokemart

I wasn't really sure what these were when I found a box of them at Mitsuwa, but I took a chance on them and they're pretty neat! The box contains sheets of thin cardboard with cutouts of the Pokemon to pop out. You then connect the pieces using small plastic joints (included in the box) and you can make the Pokemon move at the joints!
I was also pretty surprised to see a different one of these for sale on Floaroma Pokemart, but for some reason that one is much smaller. (It's also from a newer series.

Pokemon Dialga Screen Cleaner

DS Lite Sun Filter
タッチスクリーン保護フィルター サンフィルターDS Lite
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

This looks to be a protective removable screen cover for the DS Lite. I imagine the protector itself doesn't have Dialga on it (though I haven't opened it to check), but it does come with a little Dialga piece to make it easier to apply and remove the screen protector. (It also says something about a cleaner sheet, but I don't know if that's the same item or what.)

Pokemon Dialga Small Screen Cleaner

Dialga Mini Cleaner
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

This appears to be a little screen cleaner. It's got soft foamy material on the top and a kind of sticky dust-grabbing surface on the bottom.

Pokemon Dialga Settei! Pokemon Dialga Settei!

Pokemon Dialga Settei! Pokemon Dialga Settei!

Pokemon Dialga Settei! Pokemon Dialga Settei!

Pokemon Dialga Settei!

Diamond & Pearl Production Settei
ディアルガ 設定資料集
Source: Yahoo! Japan, denkimouse of , ambertdd of pkmncollectors

These are copies of the sketches used to produce the 10th and 11th Pokemon movies at the studio in Japan, which were distributed to the staff who worked on the movie. They're not quite as neat as genga, the original pencil sketches (which I'd love to get my hands on), but they're still pretty neat! I am after any Dialga settei (or other production art) not shown here.
The fourth one here also has another version where it has some parts colored (which I also have).

Pokemon Adamant Orb Settei

Pokemon Anime Production Settei
Source: Sunyshore!

You may be thinking "I see why the Dialga settei are here, but why Jesse and Meowth?" Well, that item she's holding is the Adamant Orb (こんごうだま), Dialga's signature item that boosts steel and dragon type attacks! This is probably the closest I'll get to official merchandise for that item, so I had to have it.

Pokemon Dialga Stamped Penny

Medalief Stamped Penny 
Source: Yahoo! Japan

The Pokemon Centers have those machines where you put in 50 yen or so, and you can stamp a penny with a cool design by turning a crank. Unlike the American machines where you put in maybe a quarter and your own penny, you just put the Japanese currency in here - I guess it still stamps a penny, but most people in Japan aren't going to be carrying US currency!

Tags and Cards (to accompany other items)

Pokemon Dialga BW Kid Card Sticker

Kids Figure Card Sticker
キッズ シール
Source: 711 (Japan)

This pose of Kid figure has actually been released several times (as you can see in the linked photo), but this is the first time it's had a card sticker like this. Kids figures have included these stickers since their early releases in 1998 or so, but Dialga's didn't have any because they all came in special boxed sets, not individual boxes with just Dialga.

Pokemon Dialga Bashooon Cards

Bashooon! Figure Cards
Source: Toys R Us (Ikebukuro, Japan), Yahoo! Japan

These tiny ring-shaped cards come with the spinning (Bashooon) figures on the Figures page. The red one comes with the individually sold regular Dialga figure, and the blue one comes with the metallic figure in a special boxed set (ポケモンDPバシューン!デラックスマスターボックス, or Bashooon Deluxe Master Box).

Pokemon Dialga Bashooon Card

Bashooon! Figure Cards
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

This card comes with a special launcher set, and metallic versions of the Shaymin (Sky Forme) and Giratina (Origin Forme) launcher figures. I bought the whole set to get this little card ^_^;

Pokemon Dialga Battle Cards

Super Battle Card Stadium Cards
スーパーバトルカードスタジアム カード
Source: Yodobashi Camera (Akihabara, Japan)

These came with the set of battle figures shown here. I believe you can scan them to use the attack name featured on the card?

Pokemon Dialga Battle Cards

Super Battle Card Stadium Cards - Platinum Version
スーパーバトルカードスタジアム プラチナVer. カード
Source: eBay

I was pointed to these on eBay (thanks vaporeon_07!) and so got them without the card. From what I can tell, there was a reissue of this set for Platinum that included some different Pokemon (namely Shaymin and Giratina). The figure is the same, but the cards look a bit different.

Pokemon Dialga Battle Cards

Battle Card Stadium Cards
バトルカードスタジアム カード
Source: Yahoo! Japan?

These are just like the above, except that they belong with the regular set instead of the Super one. I can't remember where I got these since I forgot to put them on the site right away, but they are pretty beat up!