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Things that weren't figures, plush, flat, or anything else easily describable...just Dialga!

Last updated: October/28/2013

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Pins, a subcollection of mine!

Pokemon Diamond Dialga Promotional Enameled Pin

Diamond Promotional Pin
Source: Ideal Collectables

This pin is covered with an awesome enamel design! It seems to be a promotional item for the Japanese release of Pokemon Diamond; maybe a pre-order bonus? In any case, it's a great addition to my Diamond collection.

Mini Promo Pin

Miniature (Promotional?) Diamond Badge
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I've actually had this one for some time, but kept forgetting to upload it as it was with a bunch of older items ^_^; This came as part of a pair with a Pearl Palkia badge. I think these may be one of my oldest Dialga items, because it looks like they may have been promotional items for Diamond and Pearl's Japanese release.

Pokemon Center Dialga Cookie Bag Can Badges (2)

Can Badge (Cookie Set), 2008 and 2009 versions

Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

Oh, these badges. Each is one of 6 badges that was only available in bags of cookies sold at the Pokemon Center. I ended up buying 10 bags of almond cookies, and finally getting the 2008 badge on the 8th. But it's so beautiful that I can have no complaints!!
The newer one on the right was not quite so finicky, and I only had to buy 2 bags of chocolate chip cookies to get him.

Pokemon Dialga Can Badges (4)

Can Badges: clockwise from upper left:

Series 2 and 1
Source: Sunyshore!

I wasn't actually aware these nifty pins existed until Gin (the owner of Sunyshore) found them and sold them to me. How aweseome!

One of them had a card, which is this one.

Series 7
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo
On my second trip, this badge was the finicky one - I bought over a dozen of the randomly packaged badges and didn't get it. Since they'd just recently come out, I could only find them at the Pokemon Center, and I was starting to worry I wouldn't get one before I left. But thankfully, I got him on my last trip there!

Series 3
Source: From the pack~, purchased in Japan

From the set just before the Shaymin/Giratina set, we have a shiny new Dialga can badge! Yay!

Pokemon Dialga Movie Edition Can Badge

12th Movie Edition Can Badge
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

In addition to the two other can badge sets this summer (see the above), they also released a set of large movie can badges featuring Pokemon from the movie performing attacks. I was pleased to nab the Dialga!

Dialga Small Badge

Mystery Dialga Mini Badge
Source: pheonixxfoxx of pkmncollectors

I flipped out when I saw this badge in a sales post on pkmncollectors, because I'd never seen it before and certainly didn't have it! Since she received it in a random lot of items, pheonixxfoxx didn't know where it was from either.
I thought at first it was a can badge I'd somehow missed, but on comparing it with my other can badges, it's a bit different - the surface is rounded instead of flat, and the text at the bottom is different. It's most like the cookie bag can badges, so I think perhaps it's from some candy or cookie set in 2007 that I've never seen. Whatever it is though, it's quite pretty and I'm happy to have it!

Pokemon European Dialga Badge/Pin

European Dialga 'Steel' Badge
Source: rentorar of pkmncollectors

A badge with an interesting design, dated 2007. This was one of many items rentorar found in stores for me in the UK. Thanks for helping my collection out so much!

Pokemon Dialga Limited Edition DS Enameled Pin

Limited Edition Enameled Diamond (Version) Pin
Source: Pokemon Center USA

This pin (along with its counterpart featuring the D/P starters) were part of the package for the Pokemon Center Limited Edition Dialga/Palkia DS. You can see it still in its packaging here.

Pokemon Dialga Pin Collection

Pokemon Pins Collection
Source: eBay

This was actually one of the first few Dialga items I picked up, maybe because it was easy to get on eBay at the time.

Pokemon Dialga Pokedoll Design Badge

Pokedoll Mini Badge
ポケドール バッジ
Source: Sunyshore!

A mysterious item we don't know the origins of! We thought at first it might be custom, but I've seen other Pokemon (like Bonsly) with this same type of badge, and the back doesn't look like most fan-made badges I've seen. If you have any information about these, please let me know!

Stamps! Another subcollection of mine.

White Foam Dialga Stamps (2)

Foam Craft Stamps
Source: Yahoo! Japan

From two nifty stamp sets featuring other legendary and movie Pokemon. Neat!

Pokemon Dialga Clear Stamp Set

Custom Clear Stamps Set
Source: phoenixxfoxx of pkmncollectors

This isn't custom in the usual pkmncollectors sense (meaning handmade), but is instead a kit that you can use to stamp things with Pokemon and phrases as you wish. I'm keeping it in the packaging though, because the huge Dialga backing and all the diamonds make it a very Dialga-centric item!

Dialga Retsuden Stamps (10)

Pokemon Retsuden Stamp Series: From front to back, left to right. As far as I know, this is now a complete collection!

Series 1
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This was probably the first Dialga stamp to join my collection. Good thing too, since it seems pretty rare!

Series 2
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I was searching for stamps one day and found a sealed box of Retsuden series 2, which is fairly old as far as DP toys go. I then saw Dialga on the box and wow, it was one I didn't have and didn't know about. I bought the box and lucked out, getting Dialga and a number of other nice stamps! 

Series 3
Source: kylie_fanatic of pkmncollectors

This was the last of these in my search. DP3 is an extremely rare set, and I'd checked the stamp auctions often without seeing many from it, but eventually a box appeared, was won by kylie_fanatic, the Dialga was sold to me, and my set was completed!
Unfortunately, he broke during shipping, so I'd still like to get another...but for now, the collection is complete!

Series 4
Source: Yahoo! Japan

After buying 30 or so of these randomly packaged stamps in Japan, and still not getting Dialga, I turned to Yahoo Japan. This stamp wasn't listed there (at least not under Dialga), so I bought a full sealed box of the set to try my luck. And lo, there he was!

Series 5
Source: kiraras_lemon of pkmncollectors

Kiraras_lemon put one of these up for sale, and I excitedly bought it. Then I bought of the set just for fun and ended up with a second one~

Series 6
Source: Sunyshore!

I bought this stamp along with the series 7 one, and picked them both up in person ^_^

Series 7
Source: Sunyshore!

Gin of Sunyshore bought a few stamps from this series (to get the Staraptor, I think) and ended up with the Dialga. I was very relieved to be able to buy it directly from her and not have to go through the same trouble as with the Series 4 stamp!

Series 8
Source: Sunyshore!

This set has a lot of popular Pokemon like Suicune and Leafeon, so Gin bought a large amount of them and took claims on them. I was happy to get Dialga and all the other ones I wanted from the set!

Stationery Stamp #1 ("ヨロシク")
Source: Daiei (Shiki, Japan) 

This stamp was hidden away in a large stationary set. I'm told that saying "ヨロシク" while presenting one's rear has a rather insulting meaning in Japanese...

Stationery Stamp #2 (Point!)
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This set seems to be fairly rare, as I search for stamps pretty frequently and just recently ran into it. It's part of a Movie 11 set with Shaymin (Sky), Giratina, Piplup, Pikachu, and I'm not sure who else. 

Dialga Pink Square Stamp

Pink Stamp
Source: Rakuten (auction service)
Not quite sure what to say about this one, other than it's fairly large and there's also a blue one in the series. (I tried to buy both at once, but they sent me a Piplup instead!)

Pokemon Dialga Clear Stamp

Clear Pokemon Center Stamp
Source: Pokemon Center Yokohama

Part of a 10th movie set of large, heavy stamps with an image behind thick clear plastic. I really like this set~ 

Tiny Pokemon Dialga Stamps (4)

Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo, Sunyshore, Yahoo! Japan

All of these were from very similar stationery sets that featured lots of these stamps, then some with words/phrases, and then inkpads. Are there any more?

Pokemon Dialga Blue Foam '151' Stamp

Blue Foam Rubber Stamp
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

This stamp is big! Well, for a stamp - it's about 3 inches square. This is part of a series that supposedly has one for every Pokemon, but I only saw a few different ones when I was there. 

Dialga Blue Plastic Stamps (3)

Plastic Pokemon Center Stamps (すごい, no text, and "みました")
ポケセン スタンプ
Source: Yahoo! Japan, Pokemon Center Tokyo

The two on the right were on my wanted list for quite a while. The "すごい" stamp was a surprise find on Yahoo! Japan, although sadly it's a little cracked and has some marker on the side.
すごい means 'Great!", and "みました" in this context probably means "I acknowledge that you did well".

Pokemon Center Dialga Wooden Stamp

Pokemon Center Wooden Stamp
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

A high quality Pokemon Center stamp. I bought an extra to stamp outgoing packages with ^_^

Pokemon Dialga European Wooden Stamp

European Stationery Set - Wooden Stamp
Source: rentorar of pkmncollectors

And here we have a nicely carved block of wood...just kidding. Strangely, this stamp has no image or anything on the front, but the back features a rubber stamp of Dialga.

Dialga Stamp Get Game Piece

Stamp Get Game Stamp
ポケモンスタンプゲットゲーム ディアルガ
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This isn't really a stamp in the same sense as the others, but rather a piece from the Pokemon Stamp Get Game. (It doesn't mention the JR Stamp Rally, but it looks a lot like it!) The game comes with a number of these stamps, mostly legendary Pokemon but a few others, an inkpad, and some other game pieces.

Toys and Games that don't fit into other categories!

Pokemon Dialga Inflatable Toy

Inflatable Toy (Air Kids)
ポケモンエアキッズ ダイヤモンド&パール
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This could maybe be considered a figure, but since it's not really solid I'll put it here. It's about 7" tall or so once it's all filled up.

Pokemon Dialga Soft Glider

Soft Glider (Series 7)
Source: Yahoo! Japan

The soft glider series are simple foam planes about 8" long that you assemble from a few pieces, and throw across the room. I'd seen them before, but usually they have many Pokemon on them, and I try to just get items where my favorite Pokemon appear on their own. So when I saw that Dialga had a glider all to himself in this Movie 12 set, I had to buy a box!

Pokemon Dialga Pom Jong Pieces

Pokemon Pom Jong Deluxe Pieces
ポケモンポンジャン デラックス
Source: Amazon.co.jp

Pom Jong is like Chinese Mahjong, but simplified a bit for kids to enjoy. My good friend denkimouse of Sunyshore pointed this set out to me because she noticed the little Dialga in the preview image. I bought the set and it included 3 (slightly) different Dialga pieces, so here they are!

Pokemon Dialga Pom Jong Piece

Pokemon Family Pom Jong Mini DP Piece
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Pom Jong is like Chinese Mahjong, but simplified a bit for kids to enjoy. I had some Salamence line pieces from an AG Pom Jong set and was expecting this set's pieces to match them, but I've since learned that this Mini set has a different kind of pieces - they are plastic with a little piece of paper that you push in to assemble. Although I was disappointed that it was of less quality than the others, I don't regret adding another piece to my collection, and now I know I need to look for the non-mini DP set! (Thanks to Sunyshore for the information about these!)

Pokemon Dialga Spring Mascot

Swaying Mascot


I found this one on an obscure Chinese auction site, though it had Japanese packaging. It's a rather small and flimsy little toy consisting of a thin plastic double-sided Dialga, a spring, and a little Pokeball with adhesive on the bottom.

Pokemon Dialga Israel Toy Chips (2)

Israel Game Chips
Source: shiny_vulpix of pkmncollectors, eBay

These chips seem to be from some kind of promotion in Israel where the (individually wrapped in plastic) chips were included with some food product. It seems to be some kind of toy, but I don't know exactly what… They both have warped shapes, but the blue one is thicker and has grips on the underside, probably to help it fit easily in your fingers. The grey one is clearly from the same type of promotion, but is thinner and doesn't have the same kind of backing.

Pokemon Dialga Perler Beads Sets (2)

Perler Bead Art
Source: Yodobashi Camera (Akihabara, Japan) and Mbok.jp

I purchased a large (and expensive) officially licensed Pokemon Perler Beads set while in Japan in 2008. If I recall correctly, it was an 11th movie set featuring Giratina, Infernape, Empoleon, Torterra, and Dialga. I didn't have any experience with bead art at all, and it took me a few years to get around to putting it together. I then learned that the beads for all of the Pokemon were mixed into two bags and not sorted by color at all, so you had to dig around in the bags to find the color you needed for each bead. What a pain!
So with this in mind, I was not very happy to learn that there was an earlier general DP set that also featured Dialga. I thought the set would be hard to find, expensive, expensive to ship back to the US, and then I'd have to find a way to put it together now that we don't have an iron any more. I reluctantly added it to my wanted list. But, I lucked out, because some awesome seller put up Dialga by himself, already assembled, for sale on Mbok! I won him for very cheap, and I'm sure shipping was a lot less for just him than it would have been for the whole set. Now I'm happy to have him as part of this pair!

Pokemon Dialga Snap Wristband

Snap Wristband (official name unknown)
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I wasn't sure where to put this one, since it can be flat or coiled or wrapped around your wrist, so here it goes! It's cloth with some type of plastic inside that lets it either lay flat or snap into a circle - this kind of toy used to be popular in the US in the 1990's, so I was surprised to see that they have them in Japan too.
The full image also shows Palkia, but since it shows Dialga when wrapped up (as it was when I came across it), I don't mind counting it as a Dialga item~

Pokemon Dialga Party Favor Cube Toys

Pokemon Party Favor Puzzle Cube
Source: Party Zones Inc

Dragonheir148 of pkmncollectors showed this in a collection update, and I noticed that I did not have it yet (though I do have another, European cube). She told me that it's a party favor, so I went ahead and bought it a set!
Both cubes are the same, but since there are 2 Dialga sides, I may as well keep 2!

Pokemon Dialga Battle Game Part

Big Hit! Battle Game (Dialga side)
Source: Floaroma Pokemart

This game looks like it might have been a freebie with some kind of Japanese kid's magazine. It came with 3 cardboard punch out pieces: Dialga, Palkia, and a central base. I wasn't sure whether the Dialga would make a complete item on its own (like a cube) once punched out, and it turned out not to, but I'll keep it like this as part of my collection anyway.

Pokemon Dialga Toy Video Camera / Camcorder

Toy Video Camera
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

This little toy has 3 different cartridges you can put in. When you look through it, you can see a Pokemon, and pressing the trigger moves on to the next one. I've tried to take a photo of the Dialga slide here.

Pokemon Dialga Bowling Pin

Mini Bowling Pin
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

This pin is from a mini bowling set featuring several other DP Pokemon. The pins are much smaller and lighter than a regular bowling pin, and two mini bowling balls are also included.

Pokemon Dialga Zukan Ball

Parapara Zukan Ball
Source: Yahoo! Japan

The Parapara here refers to flipping through pages of a book, in this case a Pokedex. If you push the button on the top, it swaps in a different Pokemon, with maybe 10 or 15 on each one. This is the 'Dialga version' as noted on the tag - there is also a Darkrai and Palkia version.

Pokemon Dialga Puzzle Piece

Puzzle Piece
Source: ritzyfoxx of pkmncollectors

I was a little on the fence about getting this one, because I don't usually go for items where my Pokemon is cut out of a larger picture...but this was a puzzle piece so it was already a single item by itself, and featured no one but Dialga. I figured I may as well, so I picked it up!

Dialga Pokemon Mega Blok

Mega Blok (Individual)
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I had hoped for a long time that Dialga might get an individual block (like other Pokemon who got both a block and a full set) and then I found out he had one made back in 2006! And the lucky part was, that set was on auction at the moment! (The unlucky part was, it's a big playset that is entirely separate from the Dialga Mega Blok kit.) Palkia collectors, his block is part of that set as well~

Pokemon Dialga German Beach Ball

German Wasserball (Beach Ball)
Source: Eileen (a visitor to this site) 

This inflatable beach ball came with a German Pokemon magazine that Eileen sent to me along with the Master Ball figure (on the figures page). Thank you!

Dialga Block from German Magazine

German Block Toy
Source: Eileen (a visitor to this site) 

This block is quite flexible and can be turned a few different ways (such as inside out) to display a number of different Pokemon. I'd left it in the package for a long time before I was going through things and realized that one side featured Dialga, and Eileen had sent it along for my collection!

Dialga Foam Balls

Sponge Pokemon Balls
Source: Yahoo! Japan, crunch385 of pkmncollectors

These are foam balls about 4" in diameter. Based on the packaging, I'm guessing one is from a movie 10 set, and the other a movie 11 one?
I'm going to leave these in the packaging since they're much easier to display that way!

Pokemon Dialga Roks (2)

Source: taycs and ridi of pkmncollectors

These are small discs for some sort of game, apparently distributed in Europe! I had the orange one for a few years before a friend alerted me to the green one. I wonder how many more variations there are...

Pokemon Dialga & Friends Crystal Puzzle

Crystal Puzzle Set
Source: Floaroma Pokemart

So, you may be able to tell from the rest of this site (and my wants page) that I'm a stickler for things having only Dialga on them. But I made an exception for this one, because Dialga takes up most of the space, it's unique art, and crystal puzzles are just neat.

Pokemon Dialga Mini Puzzle

Pokemon Mini-Puzzle
Source: Yamashiroya (Ueno, Japan)

Part of a set with many (movie) Pokemon, in small 96 puzzle sets.
Dialga Double Sided Game Chip

Double Sided Game Chip
Source: Floaroma Pokemart

This is a tiny little chip from some game, maybe about 1" in diameter.

Pokemon Dialga Bubble Maker Part

Bubble Blower
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

The Dialga part of a bubble blower set. This piece attaches to the wall and has another piece that blows bubbles from it.

Pokemon Dialga Metal Tops (2)

Metal Spinning Tops
Source: denkimouse and crunch385 of pkmncollectors

Some of the few actually metal Dialga items! I haven't opened it up since it looks like the rope could be a bit messy, but it looks neat.

Pokemon Dialga Marble

Jakks Pacific Marble
Source: Sunyshore

This marble comes with the individually-packaged Jakks figures, but you don't get it if you buy the figures in a multi-pack (as I did). Thankfully I was able to get it on Sunyshore without buying the figure again!

Pokemon Dialga Yo-yo

Roulette Yo-yo
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

This seems to be for some kind of game. Let's battle with Yo-yos!

Pokemon Dialga Kuruppa Disc Battle Set

Disc Battle Starter Set
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This set has other Pokemon on it as well, but hey, it's called the 'Dialga set'. That means it's Dialga-centric, right?

Dialga Battrio Pucks (8)

Battrio Pucks
Source: Yahoo! Japan, crunch385 of pkmncollectors

Battrio is an arcade game in Japan where you purchase plastic pucks from the machine (and get a random Pokemon), and then battle those pucks against another person (or computer). I held off on buying these for a long time because there aren't any Battrio machines around here (or anywhere else outside Japan, as far as I know) so it was pretty expensive for just a plastic puck. I finally caved due to the neat art, though!
Here we have: 01-001, 01-001 BS, 02-001, 05-002, 09-002, 16-002, and 18-002 from DP sets, and V01-041 from the first BW set. The first two have the same pose, but are otherwise quite different, as one is a holo and both have different numbers. Perhaps the holo one is some kind of promo?
If you'd like to see more Battrio, the official website (with photos of all of them!) can be found here.

Dialga TCG Coins (5)

TCG Coins
Source: Target (in a Great Encounters theme deck), Pokemon Center Yokohama (Japan), Yahoo! Japan, and viper_fox of Collectorviper

Four different colors of one TCG coin, and one other design! Let's see if I can identify them all...
The light blue one is from a Japanese Dialga theme deck, though I believe I got it separately from viper_fox.
The sparkly blue one is from a Korean set, which viper_fox split up with me.
The gold one I think was some sort of participation prize for some TCG event in Japan, but I'm not sure as I just bought it on Yahoo! Japan...
The sparkly silver one is from the US Great Encounters Theme Deck.
The one with the different design I can't remember the origin of, but it's probably from some US pack, as it seems fairly common.

Food Items - they might not be edible now, but they were at one point!

Pokemon Dialga Corn Flakes (2)

Corn Flakes (Mild Chocolate and Sugar)
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

I picked both of these up at the Pokemon Center during the summer movie promotions. The one on the left is the 2009 edition, and the one on the right is from 2008. I don't plan on eating either of them!

Pokemon Dialga Pokemon Center Cookie

Pokemon Center Cookie
Source: aftertheheaven of pkmncollectors

This cookie is from a tin sold in the Pokemon Center in summer 2009, which is covered in a horde of Pikachu. (If they hadn't had a sample case open at the Pokemon Center to show the cookies, I never would have guessed Dialga would be inside.)
I bought one of the tins, of course, but because I pulled Dialga out to put with the rest of my Dialga items instead of leaving him securely in the tin, he broke in half in my suitcase. :(
But then, aftertheheaven kindly agreed to get another of the tins to get me the cookie, he reached me safe and sound, and this is the one you see here. Thank you so much, Bunz! <3

Pokemon Dialga Pokemon Center Cookie

Pokemon Center Cookie (大集合/Big Gathering Set)
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

These cookies are blind packaged with many Pokemon in the set, but unlike those in the above set, the packages are made so that you can't see who is inside until you open it. While eating the others here, I came across a Dialga one to add to my collection!

Pokemon Dialga Wrapped Hard Candy

Individually Wrapped Hard Candy
Source: Toys R Us (Ikebukuro, Japan)

I bought three packages of these over various trips hoping to get a Dialga one, and finally got him! The candy is fruit flavored and doesn't have any design on it (as I know from eating others featuring less interesting Pokemon) so I'll leave it in the package.

Pokemon Dialga Candy Box

Meiji Candy Box
Source: rgmusashi of pkmncollectors

Food items like the above are usually items that you simply can't get unless you're in Japan, which is one reason I was very pleased to find this box for sale on pkmncollectors! The candies originally in this box were yogurt flavored.

Pokemon Dialga Wrapped Chocolate Cube

Chocolate Cube
Source: I don't remember, but it was somewhere in Japan...

A chocolate cube featuring 6 different Pokemon, including Dialga!

Candy Pack

Candy Pack
Source: Pokemon Center Yokohama

This is one of the kinds of candies I used to fill the blue candy bag at the Pokemon Center. But, they didn't have this kind at the first Pokemon Center I went to, so I had to buy an extra bag to get this one. ^_^;

Pizza Flavored Pokemon Pan - Version 1

Pizza Pan (Flavored Bread) - 2008 version
Source: soddymothdust of pkmncollectors

I saw a picture of this on the Pokemon Goods site and thought it'd be discontinued before I had a chance to try it, but soddymothdust kindly volunteered to get one in Japan and ship it over to me. It was light and fluffy and delicious, just as I expected!

Pizza Flavored Pokemon Pan - Version 2

Pizza Pan (Flavored Bread) - 1st 2009 version
Source: Olympic (grocery store in Japan)

I was really excited to find that the pizza pan had been re-released, and bought several of them when I found them in Japan. However, it seems that they added ham to this version, which I don't like quite as much. Ah well, still Dialga food!

Pizza Flavored Pokemon Pan - Version 3

Pizza Pan (Flavored Bread) - 2nd 2009 version
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

I was surprised (and excited) to find that Dialga had a third version of his pizza-flavored bread released, but my friends in Japan couldn't find it for sale anywhere. Since you pretty much to have to have a contact in Japan to get these (as the chance of them showing up in an auction is almost nonexistent), I had almost resigned to the fact that I'd miss out on this one.
But then, crunch385 kindly offered to send me one, minus the bread! I'm now happy to have all 3 versions in my collection. ^_^

Pokemon Dialga Mini Gum Wrapper

Mini Gum
Source: Mitsuwa (retail store)

Part of a set with various Pokemon. I tested on a Pikachu and the gum itself is plain white without any design, so I'll just keep him in the package here.

Dishware - cups, plates, and more!

Pokemon Dialga and Palkia Ramen Bowl!

Dialga and Palkia Ramen / Donburi Bowl
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This was one of my most wanted items for quite a long time.
Although I usually would consider something with both of them on it to not be Dialga-centric enough to pine after, the solo Dialga in the center of the bowl (and also on the bottom) make this an important piece in my collection.

Glass Bowl

Summer 2008 Movie Promotion Glass Dessert Bowl 
ポケモンくじ2008 デザートガラスボウル ディアルガ柄
Source: 7-11 (Shiki, Japan)

Although it's not one of my rarer items, I absolutely love this bowl. It's made of glass and features beautiful designs all around. I won it myself from the promotional 711 lottery (and an extra to eat dessert from!)

Pokemon Dialga Sherwood Ceramic Coffee Mug

Sherwood Coffee Mug
Source: eBay

I came across this mug in an old pkmncollectors search (that I actually ran into while searching for a totally different item). A quick eBay search (for 'Pokemon mug' instead of 'Dialga mug' or 'Dialga') turned up a set with a buyout, which I quickly snatched up!
Unfortunately, mine has a manufacturing defect on the opposite side, so I'd like to buy another that isn't damaged, but for now I'm pretty happy to have this one.

Pokemon Dialga Purple Glitter Mug

Glitter Plastic Mug
Source: Toys R Us (Ikebukuro, Japan)

This plastic mug has a section with water in it, in which small sparkly pieces of confetti float. Shake it and see them fly!

Pokemon Dialga 12th Movie Plastic Tumbler

Tumbler with Floating Stars
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This is from a series of cups where there is water within the plastic layers, and little things (like plastic stars) floating around in it. You can refrigerate (or freeze?) the cup to make or keep your beverage cool.
This one has Dialga on one side and Palkia on the other. The other cups that I've seen in the set featured Arceus, Giratina, and Gizamimi Pichu.

Pokemon Dialga 12th Movie Plastic Tumbler

Plastic Tumbler
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

I've seen quite a few of these sets now - I believe they're UFO prizes and feature 4 cups each. Here is one from the 12th movie promotion that features Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina on different sides.

Pokemon Dialga Plastic Mug

Plastic Mug
Source: Toys R Us (Ikebukuro, Japan)

This mug from a children's dishware set features Dialga on one side and Palkia on the other.

Pokemon Dialga Black Children's Mug

Plastic Mug
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I found this mug in a small lot of Pokemon Center items. I'm not fully completionist about items like this, but I hadn't seen this one before so I thought I'd pick it up.

Pokemon Dialga (and Palkia and Darkrai) Ceramic Mug

2007 Movie Promotion Prize: Ceramic Mug
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Even though this item isn't totally Dialga (it has Darkrai and Palkia on the other sides), it's a gorgeous piece. It's hard to find actual ceramic Pokemon items, as most are plastic, probably so as not to be easily broken by kids. 

Dialga/Palkia Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Dialga/Palkia Mug
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This mug has Dialga neatly on one side, and Palkia on the other. It also comes with a plate that shows both of them, but mine broke during shipment. Fortunately, since that doesn't have Dialga singly, I don't need to replace it~

Pokemon Dialga Plastic Cup

Plastic Drinking Cup
Source: Yahoo! Japan

So, a funny story about this cup. Some months before I got this cup, I had another one, that looked like this. Pretty much the same pose, but it only had Dialga's face, and it had a bunch of other Pokemon on it, which I really prefer not to have for this very-focused collection. A fellow collector friend saw the cup and got really excited about it, because those other Pokemon were all ones she liked that were rarely featured on anything, and together even more rarely. I traded the cup to her for a few other goods that are now on this site.

A while later, I saw another cup set with different packaging and different other cups, and bought it thinking the Dialga cup could be a good replacement. I was excited to see that not only did it have Dialga by itself, it also featured the Diamond design, which I love! I'm now quite glad I made that trade ^_^

Dialga Plastic Drinking Cup

Plastic Drinking Cup
Source: lunarchik13 of pkmncollectors

This cup isn't quite a mug, but it's not a tumbler either. What can I call it?

Dialga Metal Coaster

Metal Coaster
Source: eBay

A nicely sized metal coaster that you can set your drink on. Large enough to fit a fairly large cup or glass, but I won't be using it since I'd rather keep it a part of my collection.

Pokemon Dialga Spoon

Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

A spoon! There's also a fork that has Palkia on it, and a fork that has both of them on it as part of a child's dining set.

Gachapon Items (that don't fit into any other categories)

Pokemon Dialga Battle Wheel Gachapon Toys (3)

Battle Wheels (Series 1, 2, and 3)
Source: Amazon.com (individual shop), Mbok, mana_mihara of pkmncollectors

After a lot of hunting and looking at overpriced lots, I now have Dialga's first 3 battle wheels! (I sure hope there aren't any more that I don't know about! >_>) They're basically metal tops with a shimmery sticker on top, that you can launch against each other to 'battle'. For some reason, these toys seem to be really expensive to buy secondhand even when new, though I know they're just 200 yen in the gachapon machine. Maybe it's that they're not very popular?

The first one is a lucky find on Amazon, the middle one is from mana_mihara on pkmncollectors, and the third one is from a set with Piplup I bought on Mbok. They are fairly neat toys I think, but just a pain to track down for a decent price!

Pokemon Dialga Light Up Wristband Gachapon Toy

Light Up Wristband
Source: Gachapon machine in Akihabara, Japan

I was surprised to come across these toys in a gachapon machine, as I'd never seen or heard of them before! I've opened hundreds of gachapon capsules in my time, but these had the most stubborn ones I'd ever seen. I ended up smashing them on concrete to open them!
Anyway, this is a wristband with a small knob on the side, which you can turn to have the front part glow.

Pokemon Dialga Mini Folding Screen

Miniature Plastic Screen
Source: Sunyshore!

This small screen comes with a number of stickers you can put on the other screens. But I only needed the Dialga base for my collection~

Pokemon Dialga Spinning Gachapon Toy

Spinning Block Gachapon Toy
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This isn't really a pure Dialga item since it has Palkia, Giratina, and Regigigas on the other sides, but I generally allow things in if they have one full side of just Dialga. This is part of a Gachapon set from the Giratina/Shaymin movie.

Pokemon Metal Collection Dialga Coins (4)

Metal Collection - Hexagonal Coins
Source: Yahoo! Japan, meowthcollector of pkmncollectors

The Metal Collection figures are one of those series for Pokemon that's continued for over 10 years. There haven't been very many Diamond and Pearl Pokemon featured in them, but I was hoping Dialga might get included. Eventually, he did, but instead of a figure they chose to make a flat (although relief) metal coin.
The first (silver) coin here I got in a lot on Yahoo! Japan, but for whatever reason I could never find any of the others. Then Meowthcollector offered me the bronze one and I was one step closer, and then I went to the Tokyo Pokemon Center in summer 2010 and found that this series was still in the machine!
For some mysterious reason they chose to combine two of these series in one machine, which meant that there were about 15 Pokemon and 4 colors of each, making dizzyingly bad odds of getting the one figure you wanted. I planted myself in front of this machine with my 100 yen coins and resolved to keep trying until I got Dialga, the machine was empty, or I ran out of money. After some 40 tries I finally got the 2 colors of Dialga I was after. A hard-fought win, yes?

Dialga Plastic Gachapon Watches
Dialga Plastic Gachapon Watches

Pokeball (Covered) Gachapon Watches
Source: Yahoo! Japan, jaxtoys

Unlike the more serious 10th movie watch at the bottom of this page, these are more like a kid's toy. The cover is a Great Ball that lifts up to reveal Dialga (and the time along with him).
The darker one on the left is from the 11th movie promotion, and the one on the right is from the 12th movie.

Pokemon Dialga Lens Cleaner Stylus

Lens Cleaner (11th Movie) Stylus
Source: eBay

Yet another stylus, but this one has a flat lens cleaner on the end rather than a figure.

Pokemon Dialga Bento Eraser

Bento Box Eraser
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Part of a gachapon set of tiny erasers, in the form of Pokemon-shaped bento meals. 

Pokemon Diamond and Dialga Eraser and Case

Mini Eraser Cartride and Diamond Case
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This one is also part of a gachapon set, featuring most of the 3rd and 4th generation Pokemon games in miniature, with the cartridge as a tiny eraser. Another addition to my 'Diamond' collection!

And other items!

Pokemon Dialga Plastic Coat Hanger

Pokemon Center Coat Hanger
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

This is part of a set of brightly colored coat hangers sold in the Pokemon Center, featuring 11th movie Pokemon like Giratina and Shaymin. I nabbed the Dialga one and split up the others with my friends.

Pokemon Medal Collection Series 2 and 4 - Dialga

Pokemon Medal Collection - Series 2 and Series 4
Source: bureiru of pkmncollectors, Yahoo! Japan

These appear to be for some sort of game, though I don't know much else about them. I wonder if Dialga has any more that I missed?

Pokemon Center Dialga Eraser

Pokemon Center Eraser
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

A little eraser from the 12th movie promotion, featuring Palkia on the back.

Pokemon Dialga Eraser

Hexagon Battle Eraser
Source: Sunyshore!

This appears to be from some kind of battle eraser set for the 12th movie, since it has the Arceus movie logo on it. The back features Grotle, but I'll just display this side! ^_^

Pokemon Dialga Eco Kairo (Reusable Heat/Cold Pack)

Heat/Cold Pack
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

This one was on my wanted list for a long time, but if I'd actually known what it was, I'd have made more effort to get it sooner! It's a heat/cold pack - twist the piece inside and it heats up, or stick it in the freezer to make it a cold pack. If used as a heat pack, you can boil it to reuse it. It also comes with a Pokeball-styled cloth pouch so that you don't burn yourself by putting it directly on your skin.

Pokemon Dialga Cloth Lanyard

Cloth Lanyard
Source: Yahoo! Japan

A cloth lanyard featuring Dialga on the strap.

Pokemon Dialga Ravensburger Puzzle Ball

Ravensburger Puzzle Ball
Source: eBay

I first saw this in BlazikenBabe's collection post on pkmncollectors, and considered asking her to get me one, but I found one on eBay UK so I didn't have to put her to the trouble. I was surprised to find that the ball was made of plastic instead of normal puzzle cardboard, and found it enjoyable to put together.

Pokemon Dialga Fabric Button

Fabric Button
Source: Amazon.co.jp

A hard and shiny little button. It has a little loop on the back so that you can sew it to something!

Pokemon Dialga Plastic Wristband / Brace

Miniature Brace / Wristband
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I spotted this band in a huge lot of other random items, and had to get it since I'd never seen it before. I knew it would be too small to wear, but it's a hard plastic and you'd have to have a pretty tiny wrist to fit it!

Pokemon Dialga Decorated Stylus

Stylus (Touch Pen)
タッチペン フレンド
Source: Yahoo! Japan (probably)

I had this one for quite a while, but just recently noticed that it'd never been added to the site. Whoops!
I usually take items out of the package, but this one has pretty cool packaging and styluses can be hard to display, so I've left it in here. The stylus itself is rather decorated and wrapped around with Dialga images.

Dialga Pokemon Diamond Silhouette Stylus

Stylus (Touch Pen) - Pokemon Diamond Version
タッチペン フレンド ポケモンダイヤモンド版
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I had a loose version of this stylus that showed up on Rakuten for a while, but now I found a second one new in package! It turns out that it's pretty similar to the above stylus, and actually, it came in a lot with another of those. Like the other one, I'll keep it in the package, and now I know to add it to my Pokemon Diamond sub-collection.

Dialga Wall Hook

Suction Cup Wall Hook
Source: Retail store in Japan

I'm pretty sure I bought this item in Japan, but it got overlooked for several updates, and I've since forgotten exactly where I bought it ^_^; It says that it holds up to 500 grams in weight, though - perhaps I should stick it on the wall and hang a bag or purse from it!

Pokemon Dialga and Palkia Tape

Adhesive Tape
Source: Sunyshore
It had Dialga on it, I bought it. That's really all there is to it.

Dialga Bath Soap Crayon

Bath Crayon
Source: Yahoo! Japan

To make bathtime more interesting, you can draw on the walls of the tub with this crayon! It also comes with a Dialga card, which is plastic of course, so it doesn't get immediately ruined in your bathtub.

Dialga Wooden Door Decoration

Door Decoration
Source: pkmncollectors

These pieces were part of a larger set that also featured Palkia, some other pieces, and a backing. The intent was that you paint the pieces and the backing (using the dark blue paint provided), attach the stickers, and glue the pieces to the backing. Then, you hang the sign on your door (or your child's door, as it seems to be meant for children) to either invite in or ward away guests. I opted to just paint the two Dialga pieces for my collection and leave the rest as they were.
I can't find the username of the community member who sold me this kit, please let me know if it was you!

Dialga Shoe Clips (2)

Shoe Clip (full body and face versions)
Source: Yahoo! Japan, crunch385 of pkmncollectors

I've finally got both of these clips meant for Crocs-style shoes. I wonder if there are more, though?

Pokemon Dialga Headphones Piece

Headphones Set
ポケモンヘッドホンDS セットC
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I thought these were some sort of caps when I bought them, and didn't realize they were headphones until they arrived. Oh well! The set is actually a pair of Pikachu headphones, but it comes with Dialga and Palkia caps you can put on over those too.

Pokemon Dialga Plastic Toothpick

Plastic Toothpick
Source: Sunyshore!

A small toothpick with Dialga's face on the flag, from a set sold in the Pokemon Center.

Dialga Baseball Caps

Baseball Caps (older version and summer 2008 color version)
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I couldn't find either of these (or any other hats) in Japan, so I had to import them. I think Dialga has a lot more hats than just these, but they're a bit expensive and difficult to find.

Dialga Child's Size Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap (child's size)
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I don't generally collect child's sized Dialga clothes, but Pokemon hats are pretty uncommon and I can at least somewhat wear it myself. I found this one on auction, but it looks to be in like-new condition.

Pokemon Dialga Cupcake Foils (2)

Cupcake Foils (2008 and 2009 versions)
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

When in Japan, I try to buy everything I see (and don't have already) that had Dialga on it. That included this miniature cupcake foil in 2008, and they made a new version in 2009 for me to pick up as well!

Dialga Tissue Packs (3)

Tissue Packs
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo, Yahoo! Japan

As you might have noticed from things like the above, they have a wide variety of Pokemon items in Japan. These are from packs of 6 tissues featuring Pokemon or Pokemon-related things (such as the Pokedex or Pokeballs). Dialga was actually featured in 2 different packs in 2009, so I grabbed both when I saw them in stores. The one on the upper right is an older version where I bought the set on Yahoo Japan.
These will remain in package and unused, but I can't say that for the Pokemon in the set I don't like as much ;)

Pokemon Dialga Pen Caps

Pen Caps (2008, 2009, and other versions)
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo, crunch385 of pkmncollectors

A cap to...keep a pen's ink fresh, I think? Dialga got a new one with the 12th movie set as well! The other two I didn't find when I went to Japan in 2009, but Crunch found them in Japan in 2010, so I'm not sure if they're newer releases or just less common. The square-looking one is part of a set that locks together.

Dialga Jakks Pacific Pencils (2)

Dialga Jakks Pacific Pencils (2)

Jakks Pacific Wood and Mechanical Pencils
Source: Amazon.com

While browsing Toys N Joys for images of some items on my wanted list, I happened upon these pencils, and if I squinted, it looked like Dialga might have his own pencil in each set. I started to add them to my wanted list, but then I realized I should look a little more, and I found both sets on Amazon without much trouble!

Dialga Pencils (2)
Dialga Pencils (2)

Pokemon Center Game Pencils
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo and Sunyshore!

These are game pencils that kids can bring to school to play when other games aren't allowed. Each part of a set of 3, these feature Dialga!

Dialga Pencil Collection Pencil

Pencil Collection Pencils
Source: nanoplasm of pkmncollectors

These are from a very large set of collectible pencils featuring awesome art. You can't really see it all that well on mine since it's hard to take pictures of all sides of a cylindrical object, but here is a picture from Nanoplasm that shows the art better.

Pokemon Center Dialga Umbrellas

Pokemon Center Umbrellas
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

These umbrellas were so much trouble to get home from Japan. They were too long to fit in any of my suitcases or boxes (they don't fold up) so I had to have them stowed with my suitcases on both of the flights home. I'm glad that neither of them got lost in transit! And I had to take their pictures outside because they were to big for even one of them to fit on my table ^_^ They look pretty much the same here, but there are 2 different shades of blue.

Pokemon Dialga Zippered Reversible Pillow

Reversible Cushion
リバーシブル クッション
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This one has the same design as the cube pillow below, but zippers down the middle. As the name suggests, you can turn it inside out for a different Dialga image.

Pokemon Dialga Cube Pillow

Cube Pillow
Source: eBay

A pillow cube featuring Dialga!

Pokemon Dialga Large Pillow

Large Dialga/Palkia Pillow
Source: Eileen (a visitor to this site)

This pillow was sent to me from a very kind visitor to this site. Thank you!

Pokemon Diamond Plastic Dialga Watch

Plastic Wristwatch
Source: Yahoo! Japan

I'd long thought that this was from the 10th movie promotion, but while searching the Diamond auctions more recently I saw a copy of the game with its inserts and advertisements - including a mail-in form you could use to purchase (or claim?) these watches. Now that I look at the case again, it pretty obviously says "Diamond" on it, not "Dialga vs Palkia vs Darkrai". Whoops, guess I wasn't paying attention!

Pokemon Dialga Watch

Blue Wristwatch
Source: Yahoo! Japan

This is an early 2010 release, and the packaging features the four Sinnoh dragons along with Lugia and Ho-oh. (Glad to see Dialga's not getting neglected for Heart Gold/Soul Silver!)
The watch itself looks to be of much better quality than I expected from the auction photos - the center is metal with a thick plastic ring around the outside, and the strap looks to be fairly sturdy. I still can't wear it unless I get an extra one, though!
The picture was dark on the face of the watch, so here is a closeup of the watch face.

Dialga Paper Standee

Paper Standee
Source: Sunyshore!

This isn't really a flat item anymore, but it was when it originally joined my collection. It's part of a large set of Pokemon you have to cut (or punch) out and assemble yourself. 

Paper Standees

Pop Up Card / Plate (Paper Standees)
Sources: blackjackrocket of pkmncollectors, ambertdd of pkmncollectors

These actually come with the refill candy for the Pez-type Pokemon grabber figures. (Sadly, Dialga did not get a Pez-type dispenser of his own, to my knowledge - only Darkrai and Palkia.) 

The older version on the left says 'Pokemon Pop Up Card' on the bottom, while the newer one (the 11th Movie edition) says 'Pokemon Pop Up Plate', though they're pretty clearly the same series. They both have one full image side and one side with Pokedex information.


Foam Cut-Out 'Figure'
Source: Yahoo! Japan 

He sure looks odd with those exposed shoulders, though. *tries to look away from indecent Dialga*

DS Lite

Dialga / Palkia DS Limited Edition Lite
Source: Pokemon Center USA (and my boyfriend)

This DS was given to me by my boyfriend for my birthday before I even started collecting Dialga, because he knows I love special Pokemon edition Game Boys. I have not used it, so it's been kept neat and clean in the original box. Maybe he will use it if we get to go to another Pokemon con someday!